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  1. Do you have a useable hood for a 854?

  2. peanut437


    So i actually acquired this 754 back in September. I have done quite a bit of research and I know there was only 421 produced in 1964. (753 kohler/854 frame). My question is if i go by the serial number, is there a way to tell exactly the date of when it was made? I did some looking in the forums on here but i didn't see anything or I might not be looking good enough. Either way thanks for the help in advance. I guess a serial number would help. The number is 48265.
  3. peanut437

    Rj 58

    Need a deck height lever for a rj 58. Thankyou
  4. peanut437

    854 hood

    Looking for a good hood for a 854. Thankyou
  5. peanut437

    in need of 854 parts

    I need a good hood do you have one?
  6. peanut437

    RJ59 front wheels

    Quick question. I have a rj59 and the front wheels are rusted out. Other than a suburban, will any other horse wheels fit it? Not having much luck finding anything. Been looking on ebay/facebook with no luck unless there in a different state or hours away. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. peanut437

    RJ 58 serial number

    Chris G.... we got to feeling guilty lol.... ended up doing some horse trading and we are now the proud owners of a 1964 Wheel Horse 754 So we are now the proud owners of 3 Horses instead of 2. Got it cleaned off a little and working on getting the carb lined out but the 161 seems to run pretty good so far.
  8. peanut437

    RJ 58 serial number

    Trying to get all the kinks out of it tonight. Probaly give it a good cleaning tomorrow and put a little elbow grease to it and see what happens from there.
  9. peanut437

    RJ 58 serial number

    Probaly should have jumped on it as well. We actualy own 8 simplicity/allis chalmers. But I have always loved the RJs and finally got a chance at one without breaking the bank. We do also own a 74 C-160 that my uncle bought new, but mainly just have the Simplicity line. 😊
  10. peanut437

    RJ 58 serial number

    754. Our buddy ended up buying it. We probaly should have. Its in really good shape.
  11. peanut437

    RJ 58 serial number

    Thanks. We plan on saving the tecumseh. Its not froze up but going to see if we can get it running tonight. Probaly just stick it back. Never know when we might need it. Thanks again for all the help.
  12. peanut437

    RJ 58 serial number

    Its a little rough around the edges but it has been sitting in a semi trailer for about 25 years or so. I do have a k91 kohler that is going on it once we get the tecumseh off it. Going to run down the belt gaurd for it but overall its an rj thst has a good hood and gas tank so I'm pretty happy.
  13. peanut437

    RJ 58 serial number

    I have purchased what I believe is a RJ 58. Serial number behind the front wheel is gone but there is a C31 9 casted into where the transmission shifter is. Anyone able to tell me what year this one is. Thanks for the help.