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  1. Good morning Fred. Can you please send me some photos of your 195?  Thank you. Dan

    1. Fred Jimenez

      Fred Jimenez

      Sure no problem whats your email address 

    2. dkg520



  2. I see in one of your posts that you may someday be selling your 520-8. Just wanted to let you know that if that day ever comes I may be interested and live close to you in Powhatan.  Please keep me in mind.   Thanks. Dan

  3. Sure Joe I will take it.  Do you use PayPal?

  4. dkg520

    Busy day

    Took the time today to clean up the C-160. Just thought I would post a couple of photos.
  5. dkg520

    Slot Hitch

    Ok. Thanks for checking. Dan
  6. dkg520

    Slot Hitch

    I’m in need of a slot hitch. Is this still available? Thanks
  7. dkg520

    2 different size rock shafts?

    I’m in need of a rock shaft and mounting hardware for a 1975 C-160 in anyone has one. Thanks
  8. dkg520

    520 fuel gauge

    Thank you for the advise and I will check that out.
  9. dkg520

    520 fuel gauge

    Yes it does.
  10. dkg520

    520 fuel gauge

    Today while cutting grass I noticed my fuel gauge was on full the entire day. When I finished mowing the fuel tank was just about empty and the float in the tank would freely move up and down but the fuel gauge still remained in the full position. When I shut the motor off then the gauge moves down to the empty position. Can I please get your expert advise as to what the problem may be. Thank you in advance.
  11. dkg520

    520H front wheel bearings

    Thank you for your help. I have the 1 inch axles.
  12. I have a 1995 520H that the original front tires need to be replaced after 1,050 hours. Today I removed the front rims and after examining the bearings and seals I feel I should replace them also. Can someone here please tell me what is the order numbers for the bearings and seals? I have a NAPA store right down the street if I can get them there. Thank you for any help.
  13. I’m still in search of a set of wheel horse metal wheel weights. Text me at 804-678-8771. Thank you
  14. dkg520


    I agree with you. I have not done any of that. It always starts and runs so well I hate to mess with it.
  15. dkg520


    This weekend after I finished mowing my yard I noticed my 1995 520H that I purchased new rolled over 1000 hours. Besides routine maintenance which includes oil and filters, spark plugs and air filters, belts and a new set of tires it runs like new. Sometimes I think the Onan motors get a bad rap. How many hours on your 520?