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  1. jst1more

    1960 400

  2. Solid tractor, everything is in very good condition including the engine. I bought the tractor from original owner over 15 years ago. At that time, the tractor had no engine. Since then I installed a rebuilt kohler k91 engine. Front tires are new, the rear diamond treads are original
  3. jst1more

    flywheel problem???

    Well after reading more post and learning a little more ( you guys are great) I found the problem. I realized with the key in the on position that the rectifier B+ terminal was showing no volts. That led me to search the forum about ignition switches, which led me to NAPA to buy a $15.00, part # 7-01854, ignition switch. After scratching my head a bit to get the switch wired correctly, I turned the key and the system is charging. This was a great learning experience for me, thanks all
  4. jst1more

    flywheel problem???

    Thanks guys, I never thought about my digital meter being the culprit. I will look into getting my hands on an analog meter and I will also double check all my connection. I even ran a ground wire from the regulator thinking that might be the problem. If the stator checks out then can the ignition switch also become part of the charging problem?
  5. jst1more

    flywheel problem???

    My daily worker is a 1973 Auto 12, and when I engage the electric pto, I have only have 11/2 hours of run time until the battery is fully discharged. This weekend, I researched previous forum discussions on charging system problems and I started with testing my stator . Ohms check out at .2 and when i disconnect the two leads from the regulator and opened up the rpms the AC volts bounced all over the place- i was hoping to see a consistant reading of around 30 volts. I removed the stator and headed to the mower shop to price a new one. The owner of the shop thought that the stator looked good- he told me that when a stator goes bad you will see evidence showing that the coils have heating up. The owner hated to see me order a new stator when he thought the problem might be in the flywheel. I went home and checked the flywheels magnets, they all seemed to be secure and in place. My questions are, can the magnets be too weak to produce a charge? Can a stator go bad without showing any abnormal signs? What should I check or what might I have overlooked in terms of testing my stator? Thanks Scott .
  6. jst1more

    2016 Calendar Picture submissions

    Always enjoyed the 875
  7. jst1more

    Suburban parts

    Hello i'm Checking back in, is the transmission still for sale? Work will be slowing down next week and I would like to stop in for a look. thanks scott
  8. Busy time at work, but if you still have the tranny for a couple more weeks, I should be able to get over to see it. I'll check back in with you later in December when I get some time out from work

    thanks, Scott

    1. AlwaysLookin80


      No problem. 

      Happy holidays 

  9. Hello

    I'm interested in the suburban transmission and was wondering where you are located in indiana



    1. AlwaysLookin80


      I live in Griffith- 46319 zip

  10. jst1more

    rj 1958 question

    Small world Jason, I'm sure I know your in-laws. We had a lot of fun and participation with the wheel horse weekend for many years. We stopped doing the fall fest with pumpkins and weekend activities about two years ago. Doing all the Fall stuff starting in late August, and ending with Christmas in late Dec., too many weekends were spent working-- now Christmas trees keep us busy enough. Let me know if you find a hitch. Thanks, Scott
  11. jst1more

    rj 1958 question

    Yes, I hang my work hat at hensler's where there is more shop space to tear into a project, so I often stick a horse in their shed. I'll give you a reminder this weekend and appreciate your offer to check your parts bin for a rj hitch. Scott
  12. jst1more

    rj 1958 question

    This is my project rj, looks like I have quite a lot of work ahead of me. The next show I usually attend is the fall Mentone show, I'll keep my eyes open for a hitch thanks guys for your thoughts,Scott
  13. jst1more

    rj 1958 question

    thanks for the input guys, I think I'll try my luck over in the classifieds. Price might scare me back to bolting on the modified hitch i i'll
  14. jst1more

    rj 1958 question

    I started working on a 58 rj and one point of concern is the hitch. I'm pretty sure this is a modification, and I would like to restore it back to original with the cable lift. I'm not sure of the dimensions or how close, or how much work, it would take to fabricate what i have back to original? Maybe it would be best to watch ebay for a hitch? Thanks Scott
  15. jst1more