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  1. I owned a 414-8 that was pully swapped for a little more ground speed.(about 11mph). This might not be the greatest for the tractor but man did it help with plowing. I never had problems, but it must stress the trans a little more. In 3rd high, it would really toss the snow, and it greatly shorten the time plowing. It gave it more momentum. I had wheel weights, 2 link HD chains, roller chain on the front tires for steering, and a 48” blade.
  2. TunaSlayet

    Mower Deck

    Wow. A brand new deck is very enticing. I would rather pay a little more for something turn key. It can get a little spendy fixing these up. I have seen the 48” deck on CL. Thanks for the help guys!
  3. TunaSlayet

    Mower Deck

    I have a lead on a couple that friends own currently, but I am throwing a line out to see whats available in my area. I know there has to be a mower deck around that someone wants to sell?
  4. TunaSlayet

    Mower Deck

    Hello, I’m in the market for a mower for my newly acquired 314-H. The 42” SD on it is rotted out pretty good. I am open to all options, but would like to find a 48” side discharge. Looking for something local to mass if possible. Thanks sean
  5. TunaSlayet


    Ended up with a 96' 314-H. Thanks.
  6. TunaSlayet

    Front End Friday

  7. TunaSlayet


    I am in the market for a 520-h equipped with a mower. I would prefer the 60" deck, but not too pickey. I am in the Massachusetts area, and I have a trailer to pick it up. I am looking for a worker, not a trailer queen. Thanks for nay help, or leads, and happy hunting!
  8. TunaSlayet

    Electric Lift isseu

    Worked!!! Thanks Don1977. Perfect fit other than having to bend the cross buss a little, and being a little shorter than the stocker. Just glad it is back in action.
  9. TunaSlayet

    Electric Lift isseu

    Just ordered Del City Electric switch #7300057. Ill report back and let you guys know how it works. I have a 1987 417-8 with intermittent issues. No lift or lower without fiddling the switch. Traced it down to the switch. Actually took the switch apart and found extensive signs of arcing. This resulted in bad, burnt contacts. I cleaned them, and this helped for a while, but Its back. I am not sure, but I think the instructions say to have the tractor running at "pto" speed when using the lift and lower to prevent this. If you look at what is happening with a meter, the voltage drops to 8 or 9 volts when you try to use the lift without the tractor running. Voltage is inversely proportional to current. This results in a higher current draw.(proved this with the meter) So the moral of the story is for all the electric lift guys is to only use it with your tractor running at a good clip to prevent higher than normal current draw. Also, as a side note, I removed the lift motor and actuator and cleaned the brushes, and re cut the commutator with a hack saw. Also repacked the gear assembly with light weight grease. Has a nice purr now.
  10. TunaSlayet

    44" Snowthrower two stage model 79361

    Hello, Interested in the snowblower. I recently moved to town, and have a wheel horse as well. It sound like you are looking to just sell the blower, but I was not sure if you would entertain any trades? I have the single stage version, and a 48" plow i would be willing to swap that would fit your machine. I also have a 8' backhoe/loader/box blade. If you were interested, I could do some work around your property you need done as a trade for the snow blower. I can grade gravel driveways, remove stumps, and install sprinkler/electrical lines with minimal damage. Also a master electrician. Typically get around $800 a day for the tractor and operator.
  11. Do you still  have 520 plow Ext. for 100.00 i want to buy it.  I been looking for one. My name is Rick.

    let me know. soon. my phone # is 315-562-2008 or give me your phone #

  12. TunaSlayet

    420LSE Loader

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. TunaSlayet

    420LSE Loader

  14. TunaSlayet

    420LSE Loader

    I am regretfully selling my loader tractor. It is a 1986 420 LSE, and a Quick Way loader. The tractor is not a show stopper by any stretch, but is truely a lse tractor. I had hopes of restoring the entire machine, but with 2 little ones in my life now, I no longer have time to give the tractor the attention it deserves. Some upgrades I have added are the 520H front end swap with gear reduction steering, larger AG tires in the rear (not filled yet, which I would recommend), Gusseted lip on bucket, hydro filter for loader, and all basic maintenance items attended to. The tractor does have 1500 hours on the clock, and I really dont know the story behind it, but it does not smoke, and is a great tractor. I also have some spare parts included: eaton 1100 transmission, Terrys 420 LSE Decals, Louvered Hood, and cleaner rear fender. My hope is that someone in the community is willing to take this on and make it into a nice looking machine. Also, the wheel weights are not included. Rexymouse already called Dibs. I have a set of plastic ones if wanted.
  15. Will someone please start convincing Rexymouse to order the plans from PF engineering for the backhoe. I am working on him, but I think a little peer pressure from the red square might help. Just a matter of time really. I know Wallfish has a PF backhoe. Perhaps he could provide a first hand opinion on the backhoe design and usefulness??