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  1. blaise314

    another c-195

    Nice tractor!
  2. blaise314

    ran the 520 through first mow some ?'s

    When I worked at my dad's wheel horse shop we repaired/replaced a lot of hydros damaged from running at half throttle. Get a tach on it, adjust if necessary, and run it full out.
  3. blaise314

    Snow in Maryland

    I think the size of this snowstorm might have just convinced my wife that we really do need a snow blade. Let it snow!
  4. blaise314

    Wheel Horse delivery rigs

    Spring delivery!
  5. blaise314

    a rare find

    I used to work on one of those at my dad's shop when I was a kid. I think it had a "seat" on the hood and you sat facing backwards. It was fun to drive!
  6. blaise314

    wheel horse raider 12

    Putting your Model # (1-6253) into the Toro Master Parts Viewer, shows your tractor to be a 1970. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will be along shortly to answer your question about your points.
  7. blaise314

    Added another one to the herd!

    I'm eager to see the pics! I just bought a garaged C-101 8 speed with wheel weights too, but I paid close to what it was worth. Sounds like you got the whole attachment package to boot!
  8. blaise314


    It's another long drive, but did you see this one? http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/grd/1159585853.html
  9. blaise314

    C-101 drive belt

    How about we call this my daily mulligan. Had I taken the time to scroll down on the Toro Master Parts Viewer, I would have seen that both belts are listed. Thanks for the help Smitty.
  10. blaise314

    C-101 drive belt

    Thanks again everybody for all the recent help. This forum is a great resource. I was looking into replacing the drive belt on my C-101 (91-10K802) and this simple task quickly became frustrating. According to the Toro Master Parts Viewer, I need a 7478 or 106496, which is either a 5/8" x 84" or 5/8" x 85" belt. Fine, I can forgive an inch. But according to the Toro Wheel Horse Lube & Belt Recommendations 1956-1999, I need a 7473, which is 21/32" x 82". That's a three inch difference! I have no problem with a good quality aftermarket belt, but I'd like to know the original part number to cross. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
  11. blaise314

    K241 fuel pump

    Brian- How identical? Mine doesn't have the lever on the bottom...the priming lever I presume? Is that just what it sounds like--a manual priming mechanism? I could see where that would be useful. I did manage to get the engine started and running today, but after seeing the inside of the fuel pump I might go ahead and get one of the metal bodied ones while they're available. Now if I could just remember where I planted the money tree... Thanks, Brian
  12. blaise314

    K241 fuel pump

    I think that post is what made me so paranoid about getting the correct one. Regardless, I'm probably getting ahead of myself--I still need to check off all the easy fixes first. Thanks for the response.
  13. blaise314

    K241 fuel pump

    I may be needing a fuel pump for my k2410, spec #46766d and I cannot track down the original part number. The same two pumps keep coming up, but I can't find a listing with spec numbers to decide between the two. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  14. blaise314

    Made Another Haul Today

    Nice haul. That's a clean-looking tractor!
  15. blaise314


    I've been lurking here a while, but I finally picked up my first Wheel Horse and wanted to show it off! I grew up working on these and when I saw this one--that had been garaged--I had to have it. It came with a 42" rear discharge deck and wheel weights. Enjoy. Not sure about the wood on the rear of the deck. I assume it was to attach that plastic thing. Not a bit of rust.