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  1. kcuttuck

    C121 will not crank

    I found a bad amp meter. It showed power though it till there was a draw. Thanks for the help.
  2. kcuttuck

    C121 will not crank

    I replaced the wire connectors for the key switch. What other connections do you suggest I clean?
  3. kcuttuck

    C121 will not crank

    My 1978 C121 will not start. It will not crank over. The voltage at the battery post on the key switch is 12.3 volts. When I turn the key to the run position the voltage at the battery post on the key switch drops off. I tested the clutch switch. good Replaced the key switch. Seat switch is bypassed. I am suspecting the PTO interlock switch but I have no idea how it works and how to test it. I am very mechanically inclined but I have never seen a switch like that before. Help Please. Matt
  4. kcuttuck

    C 121 stalls, floods

    It ended up being the float was full of gas. I replaced it. Runs awesome. Thanks for the input.
  5. kcuttuck

    C 121 stalls, floods

    My engine floods and stalls when I am on a hill mowing, leaning to the left and it is not much of an incline. Any ideas?
  6. kcuttuck

    Deck belt C121

    It had a 42" deck and I put a 48" on there. The 42" rotted out. The 48" deck is from the 1980s. It has worked great. The drive belt for the deck has warn and has rolled over.
  7. kcuttuck

    Deck belt C121

    I am looking for deck belt size for my C121(motor to side discharge deck) so I can go to TSC and buy one. So I am looking for the inches. Thanks
  8. kcuttuck

    48" Mower Deck

    I saw a picture of a 48" mower deck for a Wheel Horse where they doubles up the blades. They where positioned them like an X. Is this a bad idea or will this work?
  9. Will a belly mount mower deck from a 417a fit on a c121?
  10. kcuttuck

    C 121....Fuel

    Ok, so I found in the manual to use leaded or unleaded fuel over 90 octane so I don't have to buy a leaded fuel additive. Before I read that I filled the tank with 87 octane and ran it for a while. It ran rough after a while and I had to run it with the choke on. Is the 87 octane fuel the reason?
  11. kcuttuck

    C 121....Fuel

    Should I be running leaded fuel in my C 121?? Matt
  12. kcuttuck

    Plow C121

    Is there any way to make a dozer plow from a B series tractor work on a C121?
  13. kcuttuck

    Tiller Issues C 121

    Thanks, I was looking around a bit last night and I reached my limit for downloads for the day. I'll have to wait a bit to download it.
  14. I need some help with my tiller. I have it mounted and works great other then I am not sure if it is lifting up as high as it should or lowering as far as it should. I am not sure if I have the cable attached correctly or what. Does anyone have some pictures of the correct way to attach the cable and chain? Or describe it really well for me. Thanks Matt
  15. kcuttuck

    C 141 High/Low range

    Thanks, I'll check it out.