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  1. Robbie C.

    What is this???

    well i stopped by today after work and was told they plain on restoring it maybe next time
  2. Robbie C.

    What is this???

    Wow for the great info guys, the lot where i found this is well known for hauling things for scrap so maybe i can save it before that happens. What would be a good price on a machine like this in its condition? the engine seems complete and looked as if everything was there but the air cleaner :banghead:
  3. Robbie C.

    What is this???

    well i was out on a parts run this morning and happen to see this and just couldn't help myself i had to get pic's. now the question is what the heck is it It has a kohler 20 HP K532s and hydro rear shaft driven. i looked it over good but couldn't find any tags or name. i will be making a trip back monday to see if maybe i can pick it up and get more info on it.
  4. Does anyone have info on the show off of hwy 226 in north carolina tomorrow? :thumbs2:
  5. Robbie C.

    finaly figured out photobucket

    :woohoo: nice collection you have there jay :D
  6. Robbie C.


    By your description If it was in my area I would have already brought it home, there not many to be found around here :woohoo:
  7. Robbie C.

    Site down?

    thanks rmaynard thought it was something on my end.
  8. Robbie C.

    Site down?

    just wondering if anyone else is having trouble logging on the site? i have been trying for two days and keep getting the server is taking too long to respond.
  9. Robbie C.

    look what i hauled home today

    nice haul scWHhauler good to see someone else from the carolina's also :woohoo:
  10. Robbie C.

    First post

  11. Robbie C.

    C Series with No Fuel Pump

    my son's c81 puller run's fine without a fuel pump it now has a 301, and yes thats on hills also not just a flat track :woohoo:
  12. Robbie C.


    I see thanks for clearing that up for me, as for the history i know very little other then whats in the 301 from the looks of your tractor there's more then a tag been inherited I will take a closer look tomorrow and see what i can find. Thanks Terry
  13. Robbie C.


    Hello Terry no not had the chance to pull but lil man is chomping at the bit to take it out , the model number is 01-08K802 and here the info Toro list any thoughts Model Number 01-08K802 Serial # None - None Model Year 1981 Product Name C-81 8-Speed Tractor Product Brand Wheel Horse Product Type Riding Products Product Series Garden Tractor, 3/4/500, C, GT Swath Deck Optional Discharge Deck Optional Engine/Motor Manufacturer Kohler Engine/Motor Size# 8 hp Transmission Speed 8 Speed Transmission Type Gear
  14. Robbie C.


    thought i would post a few pics of my son's new toy '81 C-81
  15. Robbie C.

    1965 855

    hey thanks for all the kind words guys, whfan the bugs eyes are what got the fire started on this one for me kingwood this is my first short frame and I'm looking forward to getting it apart and sandblasted Vince good to see you stop by my friend we all are looking forward to next years plow day I'm shooting at having this one and the c160 ready by then ether way we will be there. pm sent vince