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  1. alswagg

    520 H hood badge??

    I recently picked up a nice 520 H. The hood has a couple holes in the front top for what looks like a hood badge or ornament?? All my other horses are D series, so I don't know much about these smaller 520's Did any come with a hood badge? The holes look oem as no drill markings and the paint is complete.
  2. I just picked up a nice 520H. Will any of the quick attach attachments from a D series work on the 520H? Example, Grader blade, Dozer blade, and mid mount Mower? This 520H came with a very nice 2 stage blower, Hoping this will compliment my D 200 blowing snow next winter. Did any of the 520's have a three point option? Thanks for the info Al
  3. I am really thinking of painting my loader and back hoe black with the Super D red.
  4. Here is one of my D 180's. I decided to paint this one black. Why? Just something different. After the winter I will paint the wheels. Soooo here's the Black D. Just waiting for snow.
  5. alswagg

    D160 snow chute plugs up

    I run mine at WOT. full speed forward. Not a problem for me. If I go really slow the shoot will clog .
  6. alswagg


    Yes the auxiliary pump hooks directly to the rear pto.
  7. alswagg

    dually advice

    I have a set of dual ags which are also filled with antifreeze for my loader back hoe. This gives me 4 26" matching ags filled with liquid an extra 500 lbs if you count the weight of the dual tires and wheels. I add these when I am using the loader a lot very easy to install. I use a dual wheel ring kit designed for a ditch witch trencher.
  8. alswagg

    Super D FEL/ Backhoe

    Here is another view of the dig
  9. alswagg

    Building a loader

    I would highly recommend building a set of forks or spears. On my FEL the bucket removes with 4 pins. I built a set of spears that installs on the lift frame very easily. The forks or spears are used much more than the bucket
  10. alswagg

    Super D FEL/ Backhoe

    Sure I bought the fit from "power steering guy". Basically an actuator attached to the drag link that sends hydro pressure to a push pull cylinder This cylinder is attached to the pitman arm and a plate under the frame. The down side to this system is you loose the availability to use belly attachments. I am working on another version which is pure hydraulic parts from a 420 JD.
  11. alswagg

    Super D FEL/ Backhoe

    Rocks? Not many at all. All sand Also several stumps and roots. I can also use the back hoe to pick up large logs with tongs and set on the log splitter. Anything over 150 lbs I either use the forks on the loader or the back hoe. Paid for itself time and time again.
  12. alswagg

    Super D FEL/ Backhoe

    I dug a 90' trench this past weekend 6' deep in most areas The other D's with front dozer blade and mid grader blade did the backfill and leveling.
  13. alswagg

    Wheel Horse Identification Project

    I wished my Grandfather was still alive. We worked at Wheel horse after the closing of the Studebaker plant. I think he left wheelhorse in 78 or 79.
  14. My tractors are hardly show quality but they are workers. Without the fleet of Wheel horse D's or cabin in michigan would still be brush covered forest. I will try to load them up though.
  15. alswagg

    Super D FEL/ Backhoe

    Really? I suppose I could load up all the D's I have. 3 are at the cabin the other is at our shop in Syracuse. Keep me posted on the event.