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    1.A 657 with original engine. This was sitting for 20 years under a porch. A +7 to scale.
    2.Work in progress a 1057. This is ready to fire up. That was my goal this year. This will be a 10 + when done.
    3.very nice never been apart 1257 with grease caps on all fittings. I guess it was an option. A 9 +
    4. A dealer stock 607. 3rd owner. Is done. Trailer Queen. A 10 + to scale.

    5.HAVE A NICE DAY:USA::wh: :)
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    any 60 and early 70.

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    Born in St Albans VT. Live in Springfield Mass.
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  1. Retierd Wrencher

    Chains vs Brains

    The little trick is to touch it then say this is where I put it. It works just think about it after setting it down.
  2. Retierd Wrencher

    Edit: Patriot Horse is Tried/Tested in snow !!

    Eric well I guess you will work her today.
  3. Retierd Wrencher

    Chains vs Brains

    John the beauty of retirement is you have all day to organize your stuff so you can get ready for the new season. Humm that will fit here Yea put that that there.
  4. Eric might have to modify the fenders? And put spacers on the hubs?
  5. John those are Kick A>> paddle tires. I f you could mount them on a tractor.
  6. Retierd Wrencher


    Terry Craig is right. there was an clear plastic wrapper that went around the switch. When I had many of these I think you remember I had a 657 and many more of these models 857to1257 never had a problem. Tecky`s where a great engine with bad carburetor design. Not sure where the oil leak is by the picture. The PO did a good paint job from what I can see. When done it will be a fine tractor. Just make up an 857 decal for it.
  7. Retierd Wrencher

    About to join the 857 Club

    Terry could have been a left over from a 66 or 65?
  8. Retierd Wrencher

    About to join the 857 Club

    Terry looks nice. But it seems strange that some one would go to that length and not have it running. They did a nice job on the restore. I hope it all go`s well. When done it will be a fine tractor.
  9. Retierd Wrencher

    Horse head with ring in the nose

    Selling this for an old member here it is a horse head with ring. he said it is great shape. he is asking $85.00 or B/O. Put this on a post and you will have a nice display next to your tractors. Thanks for looking.
  10. Retierd Wrencher

    New forum user here

    Gary As you can see lots of help here already. like most said just clean it up and as for the tecky those are easy to find. check here and E-Bay C/list. I would go with the HH60 my self. But it is up to you. I have all the part #`s for the engine. Take your time and enjoy it.
  11. Retierd Wrencher

    Wheel Horse 656

    Model A I have had a few a these fine little tractors. 65/66/ and 67`s They can do a days work. I found it better to run them more often than not. They like to be runed. It is all in the carb works also use good quality fuel line. Enjoy it take care of it and it will take care of you. Also enjoy the site lots of good info here.
  12. Retierd Wrencher

    Happy Halloween Ride

    Kevin nice pick`s I enjoyed looking at them. Looks like you have no problem riding where you want.
  13. Retierd Wrencher


    Dennis C. I have done many this way. I did it one time thru an restore shop $375 later. The hard part is getting the old paint off. Good luck with the make over.
  14. Retierd Wrencher

    Hoping to get some assistance from Wheel Horse members

    Scott...sorry for your loss to you and your family. Hope things work out for you. Well said Steve.
  15. Retierd Wrencher

    Still buying different Wheel Horsekeyswitches

    Lane I remember one of my first was a 312A. It had a funky foot pedal switch that had to fitted just right to start the tractor. It was a great tractor other than the safety switches.