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  1. wfrpalm

    Check this out

    What kind of motor is in that?
  2. wfrpalm

    $100 Honey

    Looks nice, good deal.
  3. wfrpalm

    416H pto belt. Oops

    Almost, glad you had a spare.
  4. wfrpalm

    Bonfire night

    Those wheels look good.
  5. wfrpalm

    Seafoam. Your thoughts

    I used Seafoam in my surgng 875 and it fixed it and to my JD LX277 that wouldn't idle and it fixed that.
  6. Yep, an elbow would be the way to go.
  7. wfrpalm

    wheel Horse 855 Belt change help

    Man, that sure is complicated.
  8. wfrpalm

    Software Help needed

    I would save to a flash drive just to be safe before trying to copy them.
  9. wfrpalm

    Ugly 2 gives 416-8 a lift

    That is a great solution.
  10. If you are running it without the belt cover that probably is the problem.
  11. wfrpalm

    Oops we did it again...horse wrangling

    What does the 4 in 1045 stand for?
  12. wfrpalm


    That sure is true. This is a great place.
  13. wfrpalm

    Surprise with my 244H

    Thanks, just when I think I have the model numbers figured out I learn something new.