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  1. Kyle Rogness

    Raider 12 overheating

    8Fellas thanks for the thoughts, I changed the oil new battery, new inline fuel filter and ran it for a while and it did the same thing where it overheated, checked the plug and it was grey, so it must be lean...adjust the carb?
  2. Kyle Rogness

    Raider 12 overheating

    Thanks for the ideas! @WHX11 we are not too far apart I am just north of Poynette. The mower is pretty clean (or good enough right now) filter is fine. What should the points gap be set at and how much oil goes into these motors? Yeah its a 10 and then the guy we got it from put a 12 in it. Thanks!
  3. Kyle Rogness

    Raider 12 overheating

    Hello Wheel Horse people, I have a raidar 10 with a 12 horsepower Kohler engine in it and it will run fine for 10-15 minutes then we'll overheat and drives sluggish with not much power any ideas as to what I should look for or possible causes? Thanks in advance