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  1. Firpo701

    701 registry

    That's really cool having those numbers so close. I'm not sure where my 701 was originally bought, but, I do know my father bought ours from Ringtown Farm Equipment in 1971, in Ringtown Pa., which isn't too far from Shenandoah. I live in Northeast Ky. now, but I worked up there in Mahanoy City for awhile back in my younger years. I love those little coal towns. Those are some good pics of your 701. Really like the HY unit.
  2. Firpo701

    Preventive Care..."guys, take heed!"

    Thank you so much for your kind words! My ultrasound was rescheduled for the 6th, this coming Monday. I feel like I'm in good hands with the doctors in Columbus. They can certainly do wonders with their skills and knowledge. I may pm you soon and chat about what you've went through. Thanks again ohiofarmer. Firpo701
  3. Firpo701

    Daily Trivia Question

    Cool. Maybe I'll catch the next one. This trivia thing is fun.
  4. Firpo701


    I think she's sharp just the way it sits! Awesome little machine. 😎
  5. Firpo701

    Preventive Care..."guys, take heed!"

    Thank you very much! 😊
  6. Firpo701

    Preventive Care..."guys, take heed!"

    Good morning fellow Wheel Horsers! I have an update on the condition my condition is in. Lol. It's not perfect news, but it is some of the best I've heard in a long time. My radiologist called Friday with his findings on the latest MRI and CT scans. He seems to think what he's looking at is scar tissue from the surgery, and not cancer. He doesn't want to do any additional radiation as of yet. I'm scheduled for an endoscopic ultrasound for Monday, the 27th, to be sure it is scar tissue. If it is, they just want to keep an eye on things and do another MRI in two months. So back to Columbus once again. But, I'll certainly take that news over the news my mind had surmised. I don't feel too terrible, considering. I celebrated Saturday by cleaning my RJ trans a bit. First thing I've accomplished in close to two years. Going to have to take a little time soon to give ye olde 701 some TLC. She needs a battery, and some seat time. Lol. Just thought I'd share my update. Have a great day everyone! Dom... (Firpo701)
  7. Firpo701

    Preventive Care..."guys, take heed!"

    Thank you much Richie! I believe things are going to be alright now. Good to hear from you...
  8. Firpo701

    What are your other hobbies?

    My other hobbies would be cooking, Italian of course, , gardening (love my peppers), and playing music. I play keyboards, harmonica, and sax. Finally getting back into it pretty steady since my health issues began. Actually booked tonight. That's a few of the things I enjoy.
  9. Firpo701

    Preventive Care..."guys, take heed!"

    Amen. Thank you so much. Thank you very much! Have to keep moving forward. Faith and hope keep me focused on getting well. Thank you so much for your kind words. Life can certainly deal out a bad hand sometimes. You just have to play it out the best way you can. I don't plan on losing though.
  10. Firpo701

    Preventive Care..."guys, take heed!"

    Thank you very much! I plan on it. I agree. The James and Wexner are the reasons I'm here at this time. Fine hospital, and wonderful people. That's why I decided to come back to this area instead of staying in Florida. I went to one appointment at the Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa. All I could do was shake my head. I knew then I had to come back to O.S.U. I am so glad to hear that they did you well. Seven years! That's great! Hope there will be many more years to come for you. Thanks again for your kind words! And for everyone else, not only can catching things early save you pain...it can also save your life.
  11. Firpo701

    Preventive Care..."guys, take heed!"

    Thank you so much for your prayers JC. I will keep posting updates as they progress. Thanks again! Dom...
  12. Firpo701

    Preventive Care..."guys, take heed!"

    Thanks Mark. It's great to be back. I watched many Wheel Horse videos on you tube while in the nursing facility. That helped me keep going somewhat. I just kept looking ahead and looking forward for the day to come that I'd be able to do the things that I enjoyed doing again. I believe if I hadn't had a positive outlook and things to look forward to, I probably wouldn't have made it. And, I'm still keeping that attitude. I plan on beating this one way or another. Thanks again!
  13. Firpo701

    Preventive Care..."guys, take heed!"

    Hello Guys and Gals! I see it's been almost two years since I posted my last update. And the things that have happened in that time sound like something straight from a Stephen King novel. I will try to list everything as it has happened... I'll start by saying that I've certainly missed talking with everyone, and all of the support I received from everyone was, and has been really appreciated. Thank you all. After finishing my last chemo treatment in March of 2015, while feeling like the south end of a north bound mule, I traded the 310 for an RJ 58. I was ecstatic! My friend went with me and we brought it home, and put it in the garage. I was just getting all of my radiation treatment plans made with O.S.U., and things were starting to look up. Fast forward a few weeks up to the last week of May 2015. I had started messing with the RJ when I felt decent enough to go to the garage. At the time, I thought it was the lingering effects of the chemo making me feel horrible, but I was oh so wrong. On June 8th, 2015, I awoke, still sitting in my recliner from the night before, due to the fact that I was having breathing issues. I immediately felt that something just wasn't right. I searched the house over to find that the Mrs. had left me, taking everything she could fit in the car, along with the car, and cleaned out our bank account. She had left me with no food in the house, no money, and no transportation. Now, I had the stress of trying to figure out how I was going to get to my upcoming radiation treatments, on top of worrying about my mother, who was now in a nursing facility due to cancer, and the general question of why she did this?! Within the upcoming three days, the rest of my world would be turned upside down. My breathing problem was becoming horribly worse, and I'd starting coughing blood. On the night of June 10th, 2015, a friend of mine came to my house and made me go to the E.R. I was too stubborn to go myself. The E.R. doc told me I had became septic from infection that looked as though it started in my mediport. It had turned into endocarditis and destroyed my mitral heart valve, which was now back pumping blood into my lungs on top of the pneumonia that was already there. My kidneys had began to fail, and I had several lesions from the infection that had made it to my brain. They immediately transported me to O.S.U. Last thing I remember was the ambulance door closing, and I waved goodbye to my buddy. I had fallen into a coma on the transport ride. I awoke, 53 days later on a ventilator, and on dialysis, with several tubes protruding from places that wasn't supposed to have holes, in the I.C.U. at O.S.U. They had worked on me nearly two months getting the pneumonia under control, replacing my mitral heart valve, and just keeping me alive. In the time I was in the coma, my mother had passed away. Everything that was in my house at the time I became that ill was thrown away by the landlord, and the house re-rented, and my ex had been trying, in the meantime, to sell all of my Wheel Horses! Grrrrr! She had tried selling them to my buddy who helped me get the RJ. He immediately knew her story was bull, and he had cleaned my garage completely out before she, or my landlord had their way with my stuff. He stored everything in his barn for me! I literally only had my Wheel Horses, and the clothes that I initially came to the hospital in. Everything else in my world, that had been there when I fell into the coma, was gone! Everything! At the time though, I couldn't worry with everything. I had to get better. After they finally got all of the tubes, pumps, and breathing apparatuses out of me, they tried to stand me up to walk. I couldn't! I couldn't even sit up on my own without falling over in the bed. Where I had layed motionless for two months, all of my muscles had became deconditioned. I couldn't move anything but my arms, and they were weak. So, they left me alone until I was transferred out of I.C.U. to a step down hospital. They then started a little bit of physical therapy. A month later, I was transferred to a nursing rehabilitation facility in Columbus. They began an intensive physical therapy regime on me. While doing this, my radiologist began radiation treatments on me. I went through 33 treatments. I was in the nursing facility for three months. After three months, I could walk with the aid of a walker, and I was released from the facility on December 14th, 2015. I then flew to Florida to stay with my sister while I finished my home health care, and physical therapy. I was there from December 2015 until August 2016. In the meantime, I had saved my money, bought another vehicle, completed my physical therapy to the point where I was walking with a cane,and being self sufficient. I then drove back to Northeast Ky., got reacquainted with my doctors at O.S.U., and began the fight of this rectal cancer once again. I rented a little two bedroom house, in the country with enough land to eventually tinker with my Wheel Horses and gardening once again. The cancer still hadn't spread, so in October 2016 I underwent surgery to remove the tumor, which, in turn left me with a permanent colostomy. I've finally recuperated from that, and now I've found out that they still didn't get all of the cancer cells out. So, I am now waiting on my radiologist to schedule yet another round of radiation. That's where I am at this point.I am just thankful, and happy to be alive, and am looking forward to getting back to work on my RJ. I plan on going to my buddies barn and bringing her home before the weekend. Yayyyy! Thanks to all of you who wished me well before all of this happened, and thank you all for reading my story. God bless you all! And...happy Horsin'! Firpo701 (Dom)
  14. We've got the fever, and the prescription is more ! Haha!