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  1. #37 RedRider - Seth Forry
  2. RedRider


    Thanks again Terry for putting together member trading cards, which were an excellent idea! Both my daughter and I enjoyed trading my cards with the other members of the show. Once I got home I started reading the info on the back of the cards and was really amazed at the diversity of the locations and occupations of fellow Wheel Horse enthusiasts. I have been showing off the cards I collected at the show to everyone in my family too and they were also impressed. Great Job Terry!
  3. RedRider


    Terry I just sent you a PM. I haven't forgot about this, I'm just still trying to get a good picture for you.
  4. RedRider

    NOS Tecumseh Decals

    I am looking for an original set of Tecumseh decals for a 1968 era HH100 engine. I am looking for the 10 hp Tecumseh balloon decal, Solid State ignition decal, air cleaner decal and lubrication decal. If you have any of these for sale or know where I can purchase some please send me a message. Thanks!
  5. RedRider

    What is this part?

    I'm working on rebuilding HH100 and trying to be as attentive to details as possible with my restoration. The picture below was of an NOS Raider 9, which is very similar to the tractor I am working on. The piece in question is highlighted by the yellow arrow in the picture below. What is this metal hoop on top of the engine called and what is its purpose? I have seen some tractors with it and others without. It seems useless to me and likely to be discarded if someone ever rebuilt the engine. I can't seem to find a good reference to it in the online HH100 parts list, at least not anything that gives me a part number to look up. Any insight into this would be appreciated.
  6. RedRider

    Stainless Wheel Lug Bolts?

    Thanks for the replies so far. I have seen the conversion kits, but what I was remembering was someone who had sets of stainless lug bolts with the Wheel Horse logo engraved on them (and some without the logo) for a price of around $50 a set. I am looking for the actual lug bolts with the beveled shoulder like in the picture below, the only thing I could find on the McMaster site were the regular style bolts.
  7. I am trying to find some stainless steel lug bolts for the rear wheels of my Charger 10. According to the parts list the bolts are 7/16-20 thread. I am trying to find bolts that look as close to original as possible, but won't rust like the originals. I thought I remembered someone selling these at the big show last year, but of course I didn't buy any then. I've done some searching on the internet, but so far haven't found anything the right size. I was wondering if anyone has a source for these or has any part numbers I could use to expand my search. Thanks!
  8. I have a non running H55 ,  

  9. RedRider

    Tecumseh/Lauson 5.5 hp Engine

    Hi, This might be a long shot, but I'm looking for a 5.5 hp Tecumseh/Lauson engine that is correct for my daughter's 1962 Lawn Ranger. The listed model number for this particular engine is HT55C-3089. I don't care if the engine is recoil or electric start, either would work. Please send me a message if you might have one for sale. Thanks for looking! Seth
  10. RedRider

    2017 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE !!

    I'm planning on attending the Big Show on Friday and am considering selling or trading my 1986 Wheel Horse 420-LSE project tractor. I bought this tractor about a year and a half ago, but just have too many projects and not as much time as I'd like to get to all of them. This tractor is an authentic 420-LSE, though the serial number tag is worn off and unreadable. The tractor does have the original hood emblem and plate for the hood (not pictured), which never had the owner's name engraved onto it. The previous owner did more harm than good by removing the original seat and steering wheel, and replacing the original tail lights with some generic ones. The metal on the tractor is pretty straight, but does suffer from surface rust in spots. Some of the chrome pieces look nearly perfect (like the engine shroud), but most have some pitting or flaking. The tires are in fair condition, but one of the front tires doesn't match the rest as it dry rotted and had to be replaced. The tractor has approximately 1050 hours on it and then engine seems to run strong and does not smoke. The only mechanical problem with the tractor is the hydraulic lift, which does not seem to work. I have not messed around with it to diagnose the problem, but I did buy an NOS 420-LSE hydraulic valve (with chrome control lever) to put on the tractor. Additionally I have a few other small NOS parts and pieces for the tractor, as well as a complete set of reproduction decals. I have probably close to $1500 wrapped up in the tractor and parts that I had started to accumulate, but I would rather concentrate my efforts onto some of my other rarer tractors. I am asking $1200 for the tractor and parts, or would consider trades (I would be particularly interested in a Lawn Ranger 32E, a C-175, or any Wheel Horse tractors or memorabilia with ties to the Indy 500). Feel free to contact me with any questions. I will likely not give up the trailer space to bring this to the show unless I know it is going to a new home ahead of time.
  11. RedRider

    WANTED: 5xi Series Seat

    Hi, I am searching for a high back seat with no rips, tears or major damage from an early 2000s era Toro Wheel Horse 5xi series tractor. I believe that the style I am looking for was used on 520xi and 522xi tractors and has the Toro logo embossed in the vinyl (see attached picture). If you have one for sale or know where I could find one please send me a private message. Thanks for looking, Seth
  12. RedRider

    Wheel Horse at Indy 500

    While the 1960s were sort of the heyday for Wheel Horse at the Indy 500, the company was involved with the race all the way into the early 1980s. Toro/Wheel Horse tractors were brought back to the speedway during the early 2000s as well, though more for promotional use than anything.
  13. RedRider

    Bluesky Motel in Biglerville Pa

    Just booked a room online, please keep us posted if you have any special events that weekend. Thanks!
  14. RedRider

    The Ignored and Unappreciated Mower Deck

    You rarely see a Wheel Horse without some mounted implement in old ads and dealership literature, so I restored a 32" rear discharge deck to go along with my tractor. It was actually more work to restore than I anticipated, due largely to the amount of rust repair that had to be performed. It actually took me parts and pieces from three different mower decks I had laying around just to make one nice complete deck. Since my young daughter is usually with me at shows and likes to be around the tractors, I made the decision to not install any blades to help remove any unnecessary risk. I still have the blades stored away and everything on the deck is operational if I would ever have the urge to test the mower deck out and put it to use.
  15. RedRider

    1969 GT-14 $1,495 New

    I had previously posted this ad under the vintage dealers thread. I found it while researching my grandparent's store, which is also listed on this ad. If I was to speculate, I think that this ad was probably paid for by a distributor in Western, PA. I know my grandparents originally got tractors from the infamous Burton Supply Co in Youngstown, OH (before their lawsuit with Wheel Horse), then later they got from a distributor in in Leetsdale, PA (near Pittsburgh) though I am unsure of the name. My guess is that this was sponsored by the Leetsdale distributor.