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  1. Prater

    Molasses Farm...

    Its been a few years, I guess I should have said Molasses operation...LOL!!!
  2. I am wanting to order some molasses for the island home and thought one of the Red Square members had a farm somewhere up north but could not remember. Can someone point me in the right direction? I would rather help out a Red Square member if possible. Thanks
  3. Just wanted to wish all my friends here on the forum Happy Holidays a bit early!!! I will be thinking of all you while sitting here on the warm beach of the Bahamas!!! Steven P.S. I do miss my garden toys though...
  4. I have been gone a while, Moved to the Bahamas and having fun fishing... Just wanted to say hello to all my friends on the Forum... Steven
  5. Prater

    Score of the day!!!

    Just put a quart on craigslist to see if there is any interest there...
  6. Prater

    Stihl Chainsaws

    Does this count?
  7. Prater

    Just started planting again...

    I noticed the snap peas have sprouted this weekend. Time to get the trellis together on the two rows.
  8. Prater

    Score of the day!!!

    I need a drum pump now...
  9. Prater

    Score of the day!!!

    Its an organic approved insecticide produced in India. Its an oil produced from a tree nut and it keeps the pupau of a lot of insects unable to eat the plant. It sells on Amazon for $100 a gallon. I used it last year and it practically destroyed the potato bugs.
  10. Prater

    Score of the day!!!

    I was browsing craigslist the other day and came across an add for free Neem Oil. I called and scored three 55 gallon drums of Neem Oil for free. Two were still sealed and one is over 3/4 full. The house was a rental and the tennants were evicted. Landlord only knew it was an organic insecticide and just wanted it gone. I am planning to keep some for the garden and sell of the rest in quarts to help build a new shop...
  11. Prater

    Just started planting again...

    Frank, did not get enough here to use any of the snow blades. Looks like one more round headed this way, all rain though...
  12. Prater

    Just started planting again...

    Sorry Guys, I was able to get a few things in before a couple of snow storms. Nothing major in my area though, it missed us by about ten miles.
  13. Prater

    Just started planting again...

    Not much of a garden yet...Hope to do better than last year, and last year was pretty darn good for the most part.
  14. Prater

    Any indoor gardeners?

    You should see the Hydroponic Gardens at Disney World's Epcot Center. I planned to try it one time using 4 inch pvc pipe with baskets and medium in the pipe. After figuring the cost of the pump all the plumbing and baskets I decided to wait until a better time in life to try.