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  1. If your interested in photos...let me know! The piece is in very good shape.
  2. Thanks Ed, try as I may, for some reason I couldn't get it to post in classifieds.
  3. For Sale; 48" Snow/Dozer Blade Model-->79350 Serial#-->6900699 Excellent! Cadillac, Michigan $300
  4. Obone--->thanks for the question. I have heard that you can use both setups simultaneously, but, I think there's more chance of binding etc. Probably best to remove lift bar ( or raise & anchor out of way) and go w/just 12" down pressure bar. I'll let you know how I come out w/this method.
  5. PFrederi, thank you kindly for your response! I had found this visual diagram last night. Last year when I mounted I left the lift bar on and I had no issues. This year blade would not drop fully, (+) severe binding w/lift rod & one ft down pressure bar. I tried flipping 12" bar 180° etc but not any success. Have decided to raise lift rod and anchor out of range of down pressure bar if I can? Will try to anchor bar in farthest end of bellcrank (?). I'm in snowbelt area and this blade has saved me an enormous amount of hard labor w/my 26" steel snowscoop. Lastly, is it best to fasten lift rod up out of way, or remove it? Removal looked complex, but maybe it isnt?
  6. Does anyone have a photo of the Trunion & where the downforce bar on my plow attaches? I have the extra bar (12") for down force, but not finding success. Appears to be binding on lower end w/lift bar. Blade not dropping fully. Thanks.
  7. MalMac---> photo of brkt mount?
  8. Benji756, The photo I posted was just one I had found to show what I was looking for. Still looking & thanks MalMac, thanks for the reply...when I get to the blade I will photo the slots on blade and send for a look.
  9. Benji757, thanks for reply. I have the shoes like your, but, no brackets. Where did you find your brackets?
  10. Thanks Garry, downloaded the file, but, saw no photos. Currently have shoes, but no mounts. The mounts in pic I sent would be the ones if I find them.
  11. WV HillyBilly, thanks for the reply. I already have the two shoes (original), just not the mounts. However, I do like what you have there. Will get back to you if can't find original.
  12. Looking to find (mounts) for skid shoes on my blade 79350. There is like a key hole area for mounting on the blade. Any info would be appreciated. Really like this blade on my C-81 w/chains. Manual down pressure is very functional as well. Thank you in advance
  13. Acquired a 48" blade for my C-81 for moving snow this last winter and it worked great. The ease of the angle blade was very helpful. Used chains on my horse and really moved the snow. Usually put it in winrows then used my SnowKing 10hp Tecumseh/ Troybilt to blow it out. Further, it came w/the 12"lift bar which really is great for downward pressure! Question 1--> Appears to be two keyhole slots on each side of blade (back/bottom)....are these mounts for the skidshoes, and if so where can I find the mounts (I have shoes). Question-->2 My steel cutting bar worked super, but, some day I want an alternative rubber/plastic cutting bar...any suggestions on what/where to find such an animal? Thank you!
  14. Nice looking rig there. Nicely done!