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  1. redhorserider

    1968 electro 12 or charger 12

    No it was painted yellow by the previous owner. i think it looks good also but the wheel horse gods want her to be red lol
  2. redhorserider

    1968 electro 12 or charger 12

    Changed Price to 800 obo make offer
  3. redhorserider

    1968 electro 12 or charger 12

    1968 electro 12. In really good condition. No rust. I've owned it for 2 years now. Starts runs mows plows. I use her all year long no problems. 48"deck 48"plow with tire chains. All hydraulic hoses replaced last year. Wiper seal replaced in hydraulic 2way valve for up down. Fixed the leaky triangular seal on the trans already. Posi traction. New deck belt this year. New battery this year. From what i can tell most of the parts are there other than the obvious missing headlight lens and hood ornament. Well and the red paint I replaced one pulley on the belt tensioner. Has a small oil leak. Could use new tires but never bothered me. Could use a little tlc and i just don't have the time anymore with a new baby at home. I also know there's someone on here with a lot more knowledge and know how that can take care of her and appreciate her more then i ever could. (The tractor not the baby lol) I got the price from people on here so that's a starting point only. I am definitely open to offers so don't hesitate to ask. Worse case scenario im gonna keep her as my plow horse and go buy a new cutter so i don't have to keep switching the 2. Heavier duty and hydraulic lift really making plowing fun.
  4. redhorserider

    1968 Electro 12? Whats she worth?

    No it was switched out to a manual At some point.
  5. redhorserider

    1968 Electro 12? Whats she worth?

    Well I sure do appreciate the help...and the jokes of course.
  6. redhorserider

    1968 Electro 12? Whats she worth?

    I have pictures in my profile. It's the yellow horse in my picture and as far as price that's what I'm trying to find out. If the pictures aren't there as I think they are then I will make sure to post new ones for you
  7. Hey everyone, This is just a feeler for right now. I have a 1968 Electro 12 I believe. It has a 48" mower deck in really good shape and a 48" snow blade in good shape. It also has the hydraulic lift which I just replaced all the hoses maybe a week ago. The hydraulics do not leak. Not even the original hydraulic piston. It starts up and runs really good and strong. I just installed a starter solenoid since the last guy had it wired straight through the push button starter. Overall its in really good shape and does everything its capable of just fine. Seems to be pretty complete also minus the glass that goes on the headlights. I have a acre which it cuts no problem and i also have about a 150' driveway if not more and it plows that all winter no problem. Any idea what its worth? Can anyone help me out? Thanks for looking
  8. redhorserider

    Plowing snow with a Sundstrand?

    I also plow with my 68' electro 12 and the sundstrand is smooth and works great. I have about a 150-200' driveway and it doesnt even hiccup on full passes. This thing moves mountains of snow. Including the wall of snow the village plow leaves across my drive
  9. Now my tractor creeps :( HELP!!!

  10. I replaced the o rings (which hopefully fixes the leak) and got the tractor back together after countless hrs of trying to line it back up and now the next problem. It creeps. I believe is the term used. Constant back and forth with the wheel lever engaged or disengaged and never finding a neutral with the drive lever . I really think i put that part back together wrong because it wasn't doing that before I took it apart Anyone have a picture of the pulley the engages the engine to the pump? I think I might have that on wrong or the spring in the wrong place. please help
  11. I found the o ring at advanced auto parts no problem. (I'll post the size and part number later) The bigger flat seal o ring is the problem. Ace, advanced auto, napa, tractor supply and even this old time mom and pop repair shop had nothing even close to it at all. Mine was leaking at the o ring so I replaced it and reused the flat o ring with a tiny bead of rtv on the inside of the ring but not on the ring.
  12. ok found the roll pin after a good cleaning . Had a buddy save the day by bringing over a punch set and got the roll pin out no problem. Not sure what a good cam plate looks like compared to a worn cam plate but i wanna say it looks good. nothing looks worn, grooved or deformed. (of course im cleaning everything as i remove it) My horse is gonna love me as I already removed close to 5lbs of tranny fluid/dirt/grass build up from all the cracks and crevices. No joke. ok back on track. The normal looking o ring was kinda hard so i lubed it all up in white lithium grease to see if it would soften it up at all and placed it back on the shaft just for a temporary leak stop. The bigger more flat o ring seemed ok but that's where the obvious leak is coming from. I lubed that one all up with the lithium grease also and placed it back to stop the leak which worked but im sure wont hold up under heat and pressure. also, i think that flatter o ring is going to be the problem finding. Will take to the local stores tomorrow to see what I can come up with. We have a ACE with small engine repair, a local lawn care store, tractor supply co and of course home depot. Wish me luck
  13. Ok it seems as though I don't have that roll pin inside that little arm yet I can't get the arm of after the cam plate. What can be going on here? I tried different sizes to get the pin out. Anything too small pushes right through anything to large goes nowhere:( please help
  14. Ok so I removed the 4 bolts holding the rear end to the frame and I'll definitely be able to get to those o rings. With the plow on the front half of the tractor is resting on the frame. Worked out awesome and there's enough room to get to that triangular cap and inspect the nylon cam plate yay me and thanks for all the awesome help everyone. I got pics I'll post later and I'll see what I can find as far as o rings go :)
  15. Wait nevermind that is the front lol sorry I work third shiftand been up all night and the pics just didn't click lol thanks again