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  1. If anyone is wondering why there are so many holes in that front piece, it's because the angle iron is an old Raider 10 frame.
  2. For now I've been using that big rod to push or pull the tractor and steer it. Seems like a few people wanted some more pictures, so here they are. Keep in mind, nothing is final at this point. All of the welds need to be redone and a bunch of other stuff,but it's the basic idea of how it will look. Clearance between front tire and deck pulley location The gaps in the front will be welded solid, this is all just a designing to see if it'll work and fit together and function. Yes, that really is a K341 with a short pan that fits under the hood of a short frame tractor without cutting anything on the tractor.
  3. Not as many pictures as there should be because I forgot to take them or if I do I don't upload them or I just don't work on it..
  4. They do take time and few less distractions would also help...
  5. Late to the party, engine hoist to lift them up and a car dolly to roll them around Top right corner has a K241 on it.
  6. Finally got back around to working on this... I forgot to take a picture before I started taking it all apart again for some additional changes.
  7. Finally got back around to working on this... I forgot to take a picture before I started taking it all apart again. Started out as an 857, added a 42" raider mower deck, narrow front end, some gear reduction steering, round fenders and a big block kohler.
  8. Old picture, but I run an overhead radiant tube heater. It'll make you sweat in there pretty quick on the coldest of days.
  9. You are correct, seems pics were hosted on RedSquare. Time consuming for sure to remove one by one but I'm sure we all have spent time on something just because we could.
  10. If photos are hosted on a 3rd party site (ie: Flickr, google photos, photobucket, etc), you simply move/rename the photos on the host site and it breaks the link to anywhere the photos are posted.
  11. 82Caddy

    Tell me about the D-160

    Parts can be difficult to find. Most of the major issues are noted above, but look at the bottom of the transmission. If it looks cracked, damaged or like it is leaking, you'll have to pull the whole thing apart and get creative with a case replacement. It's similar to a C series but not quite exactly the same. Steering isn't very tight radius (as in you'll need a football field to turn it around or do a 56 point turn). I ran a 16hp kohler on one with a blower. Even with loaded tires, wheel weights, chains and extra weight hanging off the back I had traction issues. The single stage did alright in a Minnesota winter but I never really liked it all that much.
  12. Mine is all ripped apart right now for final welding and paint prep on the frame. I’ll see if I can find some from when I was mocking everything up.
  13. Mine sits level with an 8" front tire and 12" rear tire. It's also setup to clear a 42" raider style (not sure that's really a thing but it came off a raider 10) mower deck.
  14. It all depends what your end goal is for the tractor. If you plan to run any sort of mower deck it gets complicated to get everything to clear belts, pulleys and linkages under the tractor. I took two front spindles, welded them together, used some round stock and made my own front (round stock slips over the welded spindles to give a spot for the gear to attach). Ended up using two 4 bolt pillow blocks to attach to the front frame that was extended to clear some mower deck pulleys. I also went to the option of roller chain and gears to achieve a gear reduction steering. It's still not done yet either. I spent lots of time studying the photos TT posted of his narrow front tractor.
  15. Hi there 82.   I stumbled across your D-200 project.    I have a D-200 also and would like to do some upgrades.   Can you resend me all your pics of this project.