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  1. Should also note, only good in store not for online purchases. Check out HFQDB.com for the most comprehensive list of coupons available.
  2. 82Caddy

    Happy Birthday 82Caddy!

    Thanks guys. Guess I'm a bit late to the party, spent most of the day playing with the kiddo.
  3. 82Caddy

    Predator 22HP Engine Swap. Who has done one???

    Sleeve adapters all over the place (ebay etc) to go from a 1" crank to a 1 1/8" electric PTO. Might open up a few options for you when hunting PTO's. Regarding the electric PTO, you'll need to disconnect the oil pressure sensor. Otherwise with the electric PTO engaged the engine will die. Lots of folks have used these engines in JD platforms and have experienced the electric PTO shutting the engine down. Google will tell you exactly what wire to disconnect. Take care when you decide to change the key switch, the wiring won't be the same as what is currently on your tractor and will need a different key switch then your tractor has now. The easiest option is to extend the wires from the factory predator switch to your dash. When I used this engine in a D series, I traced the gaskets for the exhaust onto a piece of paper and then cut them out of metal with a piece of black threaded pipe to be able to run stacks or a different style of exhaust. Another idea for you to consider for exhaust options.
  4. 82Caddy

    Mrs. Pullstart

    I forgot all about the shaker plates engines.
  5. 82Caddy

    Mrs. Pullstart

    That looks like a small base big block engine (note the missing ears on the front and back). Didn't realize those came in a c-101, was under the impression that the C series used big base engines.. Thought they were mostly used in the 1045 tractors but then again I don't have an extensive knowledge of what really came in what. It was the first google image that came up. :Shrug:
  6. 82Caddy

    Mrs. Pullstart

    What oil pan did you decide to go with? Guessing one like this:
  7. 82Caddy

    Mrs. Pullstart

    If you want to stuff a big block kohler under a short frame hood, you'll need a few things: -Short oil pan (available on eBay ~30$), will need to trim the oil dipper for the short pan -Fill gap on bottom of big block engine where pan doesn't cover the overhang. There is a thread made by Kelly about identifying kohler block styles. Check that out for more details about what needs to be done on the small pan big block engines. -Your belt guards will not line up correctly (block spacing is different on small vs big engines for pullies/trans comobos). I'm not sure how the idler pulley is on a hydro, so you'll have to check that belt spacing as well. -Belt length, I don't remember if I used the short frame belt or had to get a different one. That's all I can think of right now from my short frame big block project.
  8. If anyone is wondering why there are so many holes in that front piece, it's because the angle iron is an old Raider 10 frame.
  9. For now I've been using that big rod to push or pull the tractor and steer it. Seems like a few people wanted some more pictures, so here they are. Keep in mind, nothing is final at this point. All of the welds need to be redone and a bunch of other stuff,but it's the basic idea of how it will look. Clearance between front tire and deck pulley location The gaps in the front will be welded solid, this is all just a designing to see if it'll work and fit together and function. Yes, that really is a K341 with a short pan that fits under the hood of a short frame tractor without cutting anything on the tractor.
  10. Not as many pictures as there should be because I forgot to take them or if I do I don't upload them or I just don't work on it..
  11. They do take time and few less distractions would also help...
  12. Late to the party, engine hoist to lift them up and a car dolly to roll them around Top right corner has a K241 on it.
  13. Finally got back around to working on this... I forgot to take a picture before I started taking it all apart again for some additional changes.
  14. Finally got back around to working on this... I forgot to take a picture before I started taking it all apart again. Started out as an 857, added a 42" raider mower deck, narrow front end, some gear reduction steering, round fenders and a big block kohler.
  15. Old picture, but I run an overhead radiant tube heater. It'll make you sweat in there pretty quick on the coldest of days.