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  1. diamondred

    Kohler balance gears.

    I there a list available of the Wheel Horse Kohlers that have the balance gears, and the one's that didn't?
  2. diamondred

    Limited Slip Dif ????

    I had to first anneal the stock to make it workable... cut, grind, measure, heat, beat,cut, grind, measure, heat, beat , then heat treat. Red hot dunk in water then brought up to about 450-500 degrees and air cooled to temper.
  3. diamondred

    Limited Slip Dif ????

    When turning the rear wheels while both are off the ground, be sure it's in neutral, or it will differentiate and the wheels will spin opposite of each other. One might even hear a "clicking noise", that's the radial spring bouncing on the pinions. The ten pinions in the hydros, you would have to get the hydro motor to spin. I don't think releasing the tow valve would help, simply because there is still a lot of resistance. Here is one I made from spring steel order from Grainger.... Pretty ingenious really, but not as strong as the 8 pinions.
  4. diamondred

    PTO misalignment problems

    Hopefully this thread is still open for discussion. I have a question: will the Vanguard engine be ok with the crankshaft end pressure from the PTO? The Vanguard engine does not have a bearing on the flywheel side to support the pressure like a Kohler.
  5. diamondred

    Mower deck spindle difference's

    Was hoping someone would say an 1/8 or a 1/4" , I will have to look at it closer to find the height difference... thanks
  6. I have a 05-42MS04 and a 05-36MR03 mower decks, however while looking up part #'s for these decks, I find the spindle housings have different part #s. To look at one deck , then the other, the spindles look the same and take the same bearings. They have the same bolt pattern. The shaft and the bearing spacer have different part #s as well. ( not looking the center drive ) My question is, Is one of these spindles longer than the other, and if so how much? The reason I ask is, I have a deck that may have had a spindle replaced at one time and is the wrong one cause the blade height is different than the other two..... thanks.
  7. diamondred

    '82 C-85 Voltage Regulator problems...

    Ok , thanks for the help everyone. Seems there was a genius in here before me...lol. Best part the regulator is good and I temporary got it to charge, it's staying around 14 volts. I just need to go through it and crimp new connections. The main stator 3 prong connector was toast. One more project.
  8. I getting high enough AC from the stator, but battery won't charge. I haven't gone through the wiring yet and done minimal trouble shooting... My question is, are these voltage regulators a series regulation, or a shunt type regulation?
  9. Just to add my 2 cents, talked with a friend that personally knows a bearing manufacturer to see if he would, or could tool-up to start making this bearing again. The manufacturer came back with this: my buddy says :that bearing has been a very controversial bearing since it was made back in the late 30s he thinks , the problem with them is the ball itself is so small and covers such wide range of heavy applications from farm and garden tractors/equipment, low speed use it just can not hold up . They basically outlawed em based on being unable to get longevity out of em, so therefor were forced to produce them until anything with them being used in was well past warranty . he said he thinks they were forced to keep making them available for 15 years past the date of last pc of equipment sold using em . He will not make them ,and suggests adapting application to a more substantial brg based on your application ,even if it means having to go to oil light brass ?
  10. I think its gonna be less expensive to tool-up to bore the cases and use the more available 1 1/2" x 2 5/8" x 7/16" bearing.
  11. diamondred

    Making Wider Rear Rims

    ... Or an old style bumper jack.
  12. diamondred

    Making Wider Rear Rims

    Not to rain on your parade, but Miller Tire offers unpainted rim blanks, and inserts so they can be welded in at whatever spacing you want. Guess I should have read the entire posting before I wrote this....duh.
  13. diamondred

    6 speed transmission parts

    The material 1075 from Mcmaster carr comes as treated,so it has to be annealed, cut, shaped, heat treated, tempered, then finish fitting. Yeah... takes quite a bit.
  14. diamondred

    6 speed transmission parts

    The first and second previous pictures is of the new one. I will try to get a good close-up shots. On the original, the ends are slightly bent inward. I hand worked the ends with a file and sandpaper til I got it to fit the way I wanted.
  15. diamondred

    6 speed transmission parts

    That "vibration" is the collapsing and expanding of the spring within the 10 pinions. If both wheels are spinning forward or backwards, you don't hear it. You will only hear it when : One wheel is moving faster than the other, or They're moving in opposite directions. Problem is, when they're old and worn the spring may break and cause big problems if not taken care of. My yard welcomes the 10 pinions...lol. The one on the left is original, right is the new one I made from 1075 spring steel.