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  1. outback65

    Onan Intake Seal Replacement Instructions

    Very Nice Package of important information! Thank you! Onan's can have multiple minor gremlins which can be frustrating, but most often once they are found, the engines perform flawlessly. Thank you again! Outback65
  2. outback65

    Conversion of Onan P216G to P220G

    Hello, Curious if anyone has attempting converting a Onan P216G to a P220G? I have a P216G which most likely needs some level of rebuilding (1450hrs, low compression on both cylinders - 65psi) and I was curious that if I'm replacing parts, would it be worth the cost of new/used crank, cam, (bearings?), valves, guides, seats, connecting rod, pistons and carburetor for 4 more horse power? PS: the Engine runs on the 416 tractor (w deck), and the package was free. It appears it was well maintained for the first approx 1000 hrs and the 2nd owner just ran it into the ground. I have rebuilt a P220G this past winter and revitalized two other P220G with great success. Sharing of any Onan experience would be appreciated. Tinkering in PA............ Thank you! Outback65