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  1. case442


    Changed Price to 950
  2. case442


    Snow blade is sold. Mike
  3. case442


    I will sale the tractor without any attachments if anyone is interested. Mike
  4. case442


    Hello All, I picked up a nice 417-8 today. Tractor is complete and in very good condition. Was told it needs a head gasket. No battery but in turned the engine over by hand, no noises. Has a very nice 48” deck. Nice paint and tires heck, the chrome still shines. Has the electric lift on it. Mike
  5. case442

    Bx1500 Diesel engine only

    No clutch disc' sorry
  6. case442


    520-8 tractor runs ands cuts great. Has a very nice 48” deck . I picked up a 522xi and need the space. i will get better pictures. the tractor is located in Sewickley Pa. 15143 and will need picked up on location. thank you, Mike
  7. case442

    Bx1500 Diesel engine only

    I have a brinly sleeve hitch and a snow plow.
  8. case442

    Bx1500 Diesel engine only

    Hello, What type of Wheel Horse items are you looking for? Mike
  9. case442

    Plow wanted

    PM'd you MIke
  10. Hello,

    Please PM me I have pictures on my phone that I can text you.



    1. ryanmfairbank


      Isn’t this a PM? 

    2. case442


      yes it is.

      if you send me your phone number I would be happy to send pictures of the plow

    3. ryanmfairbank


      Oh, got ya...I wasn’t sure what you were asking...here you go:



  11. case442

    Plow wanted

    I can take a photo tomorrow for you. 90.00
  12. case442

    Plow wanted

    I have a 42" located in sewickley Pa. 15143
  13. Hello,

    Welcome to the forum. I'm originally from beaver county, Living in allegheny county now.

    I have a few Wheelhorses. A 520H,520-8 speed, a 522XI and a 414-8. Great tractors.



  14. Hello,

    I have a front mount deck carrier I would sale. I'm near Pittsburgh (Sewickley) Pa. 100.00 will take it. Neds the center pin repaired. should work on the 520 model.



    PM me if interested

    1. lodestonefarm


      Hi Mike-


      Sorry I missed your post.  I was on the road, and part of my trip was a stop in Johnstown where I picked up a carrier.  


      I'm sure if you post it here you can get rid of it.   


      Did you ever use your's?  If so, how'd it work?

  15. case442

    What i found on a walk about today...

    Yep, sure is a small world. I looked at the pictures and sure enough, thats my old tractor. Mike