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  1. You have spoon fed me a solution I had been too busy to figure out on my own..... thank you!
  2. Navig8r

    Lets see the snow rigs!

    Just picked up a plow, a short chute thrower and some weights back in the beginning of December. Thrower service and setup is still on the to do list, but the plow has been doing the job! Tractor is my 94 416-H. Inherited from my grandfather.. he bought it new.
  3. Definitely will if I have any concerns.... Hope to get it inside this week and give it a look... at first glance, it seemed ok, just a little stiff, but no stuck links, and no excessive rust!
  4. I picked up a used single stage that has been sitting. The auger spins, bit things need a little TLC. What chain lube have you found to work best, and last longest? Any lube needed on the bearings? Or just replace if stiff? Thanks!
  5. Navig8r

    Christmas snow plowing

    Thanks... worked well... Hafta get the thrower set up, as my driveway is a bit rough, and scraping it isnt helping..... Ive always used a 28" walk-behind blower (1973-74 Montgomery Wards!), so it'll be nice to sit and ride!
  6. Navig8r

    Christmas snow plowing

    Just about 3" on Christmas here.... but got out with the plow.... was a first for me.
  7. Thanks! Exactly what I did, and it works great!
  8. Any good solution ever found for this? I have a 416, and just put my chains on for the first time... EXACT SAME PROBLEM! Keep hitting the brake bands I was thinking a 1/4" wheel spacer and longer lug bolts, but not sure what other problems that may bring. I do not want to modify wheels or machine.
  9. Navig8r

    Lift flag wanted

    Looking for a snowblower lift flag, in usable condition.
  10. Navig8r


    A bit off topic, but not really, my Exmark (pre-toro) 52" had an optional "anti-blowout baffle" available....I added it, and it was night and day.... it dropped the front edge of the deck down, slightly, but I believe not across the whole deck.. I'll try to get more info and a pic.
  11. My garden is actually in pretty good soil, except for some clay..... I probably weakened this the season before when I was tiling an area with some rough fill..... Shale and softball size rocks!
  12. Anyone else ever do this? I had tilled some rocky stuff the year before last, but discovered this at the end of last season when getting ready to till in some compost.
  13. Navig8r

    Filling front tires?

    Thanks guys.... So from what I've read, recommended is about 85% fill. I think I will try just the fronts to start, as pulling traction has not been an issue for me, just steering. Not a big investment to make, with practically nothing to lose by trying, it seems!
  14. Navig8r

    Filling front tires?

    I use my stock 416-H for pulling a cart, or tilling at this time. It is a bit light in the front end, even when things are not heavy in back. (pushes in sharp turning situations) Anybody fill just the fronts? Weights aren't in the budget at this time. What works best without wrecking the wallet and the rims? How much weight would I gain? Amy help or information is greatly appreciated!
  15. Wish I could participate... Not this year, but I may try to get there to watch... I'll look out for ya!