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  1. WOW ! Great info. I am not familiar with the newer models. Saw a 520 once an thought all that style were twins. WVHillbilly mentioned 312, 14 or 15. Are they all the same size ? Info on best place to buy one ? (E-bay, Red square etc..) Would be more than happy with a used one. (at least for my first modification attempt) AND Thank you'all for the help & info
  2. Don't like muffler position on my C-120, Like the clean look but on hot days there is an over heating issue (vapor lock) I know the easiest way to move "the heat" is a stack, BUT I just am not really happy with the look of a stack. NOW many do like the stack look, "to each his own" (Also could move/replace fuel pump) Air flow on the eng. is definitely left to right. Cleanest muffler i'v seen (in pictures) is on a 520. I like the look, tucked in along the hood and air flow should be good (to help keep it cool) Will definitely require some modification to muffler & guard. Any one tried this, or have I been drinking the bath water.
  3. IndyFord2

    Sickle bar

    picture gallery, implements
  4. IndyFord2

    Sickle bar

    I just posted some pis'c in the gallery for another "horse lover" I mounted a sickle bar on my C-120. (Sat.) Might help a bit.
  5. IndyFord2


    Some pics of how I mounted. This is a picture of the OEM idler (saw at a swap meet) Also can see the skid plate i"m missing See the notch in the rear. Clutch safety switch is in the original designated hole. Just moved forward an inch and drilled a new hole. Not really happy with the mule drive set up. (goes around axle) But didn't want to do direct drive. Sone day(maybe) will add OEM ideler Was nice to have new bearings & shaft
  6. IndyFord2

    Mounting a sickle mower

    I'm not happy with the drive, but someone before me removed the original engagement system. Still haven't figured out how to tie it in to the tractor lift system, but I have mower with it. If you haven't ever used one, the are actually quite impressive , BUT very dangerous.
  7. IndyFord2

    WH cultivator set

    Any clue what it would cost to ship to Indianapolis? (Disassembled)
  8. IndyFord2

    Slot Hitches

    Sent you PM
  9. IndyFord2

    Sickle Bar Mower SMS-425

    Looks Like you got plenty of help, good luck (my pic, just for fun) Had to play with input pulley size to get proper speed at rocker box.
  10. IndyFord2

    C-120 Relocate muffler (Kohler)

    Would like to relocate muffler, does get hot in carb, fuel pump aria after mowing for an hour or so. Have heard some people have had vapor lock issues. I like the look of the factory muffler, but the heat. Don't want a big stack sticking up n the air. I have seen some with the smaller "shower head" mufflers but was wondering about noise (are they louder). Have also seen a few pic's of newer tractors that looked like the muffler was mounted horizontally above the PTO. I think I even saw one with a small chrome heat shield. Also looks like the air from the engine fan helps to dissipate the heat. Looking for any one that has good pic's of or ideas about this.
  11. IndyFord2

    2 piece cultivator 7-1723

    I believe the forward one snaps into the "tach-o-matic" and the small bar in the middle attaches to the lift system (rod not shown) The back section slides into the slot hitch on the rear of the tractor (If you have one) which also is attached to the lift system. Nice set up, whole thing lifts up & down with the lift arm and you can control depth with the adjusting knob. I'v been looking for one (set) but that's a bit far for me. If I've got any of this wrong, I'm sure some one will chime in and correct me.
  12. IndyFord2

    throttle lever

    Bad news, can't find the "T" handle. Its a well used cable (42 years old) has the two supports still on it. Where the insulation is gone is where it runs under the exhaust. it is well lubed and works, but it ain't like new. It's your call, I don't know how hard it is to find one. If you want it I'll make you a good deal.
  13. IndyFord2

    throttle lever

    I have one off a 1974 C-100. The "T" handle is broke where it attaches to the lever. (I have the handle) Let me know if you are interested. Can send pictures if it would help.
  14. IndyFord2

    fuel petcock

    I got a C-100 Black plastic tank. Has the 90 deg. shut off and is still in tank w/grommet. I can pop it out if your still interested.
  15. IndyFord2

    C-120 106752 choke cable

    A used one that works.