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  1. Bert

    Happy Birthday Jay

    Happy birthday!
  2. Bert

    Happy Birthday Bert!

    Thanks all I'm glad I was born as well
  3. Updating this thread, I purchased a low hour outdoor kept ugly 520 with 42 inch recycling deck. Even if I save this one (and I may) I’ll use it test fit the Onan and see how it’ll fit.
  4. Very nice tractor, you may want to check the deck belt. Looks like is not in the correct grove
  5. Great feedback guys. I guess it’s time to start hunting for a parts 520
  6. I’ve got a C-165 with 520 front end and rear rims, I’d like to put a 20 hp Onan under the hood so I can use my 60’ deck with it. I measured and it looks to fit but wondering if anyone has done this and if so are pics available? Thanks
  7. Bert

    84 GT1800 freewheeling

    They roll but usually you’ll hear a clicking noise. If I correctly remember what I read in my 520h manual it’s ok to push them around but don’t tow them far if at all. @BOB ELLISON seems to have hit the nail on the head.
  8. Bert

    520H Steering Problem

    I don't know what year it came from as it was a ebay purchase for my HC with 60 inch deck. They likely did use a jig but if a lazy employee dose not clamp the parts in place before welding this could be the result.
  9. Bert

    520H Steering Problem

    Unfortunately this seemed to happen often, I’ve got one like this that’s probably 15-20 degrees off.
  10. Bert

    518-H restoration

    Looks great!
  11. Bert

    Followed Me Home Yesterday

    Looks like a great project
  12. Bert

    516h followed me home

    Looks great could swap in an 8 speed.
  13. Bert

    417A Won't move??

    If you need anything besides a pulley and belt I’ve got good extra parts you can have for the cost of shipping, let us know