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  1. Don1977

    Floor-Jack help

    I bought a 3000# floor jack it has the Michelin name on it was in the $80 range.. The pump and takes way too long to jack up. I wish I had fixed my little ton & half Hein-Warner.
  2. Don1977

    Not for Sale

    It may be that he though she wouldn't leave if he started selling tractors.
  3. You could build one. I built this one back in the 80's. It's had a few changes over the years. One change was from 4 HP Kohler to a 4 HP Honda. After building a receiver hitch I used it to mount the blower. I built the blower, but you can find one off a hand push vacuum.
  4. Don1977

    $27.50 what did I just get?

    Briggs used that color for engines sold to the public for quite a few years.
  5. Don1977

    211-5 drive belt falling off

    There are two belt guides one on each side of the pulley they should be with in 1/8" of the pulley.
  6. Don1977

    Brake band adj?

    It the nut is run all the way up on most 8 speed Wheel Horses the parking brake won't work.
  7. There may be a place where powder coating works. With my limited exposure to it I have found one. I think that the under side of a deck would be one of the worst places. It's hard and brittle and any impact is going to brake it and cause it to rust.
  8. Don1977

    Heavy duty rear hitch

    I did something very similar. I used 3/8" x 3" flat plate for the cross member with 2"x 2" x1/4" angle, this one I spaced the braces apart to still except the sleeve hitch.. The other I used 2" x 1/2" flat and 1 1/2" x 1/4" flat vertical for the cross member with 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x1/4' angle this one I raised the fender and gas tank 1 3/4" it's attached to the top of the transmission.
  9. Don1977


    I have bought pulleys and sprockets from them and came out cheaper. Most thing the shipping is just too high for where I live.
  10. Don1977

    Kick back during starting on K 321 engine

    Check the flywheel key. If it's damaged or missing the timing to be too high causing kickback. We used to run offset key in 5 HP go kart engines. They would kickback hard enough to jerk your arm out of joint.
  11. Don1977

    wobbly hubs

    With the worn key ways it will be impossible to keep the hubs tight. It allows the hub to move and will wear the cup off the setscrew. Worn key ways in the hub will do the same. Good used parts is the best fix. My guess is that you need axles and hubs. Sorry to be a bearer of bad news.
  12. Don1977

    Kohler K series flywheel identification

    A 14 HP crank shaft is heaver then a 12 HP. The 12 HP as the bottom machined off flat. The 14 HP is round on the bottom. It will be out of balance with the 14.
  13. Don1977

    Kohler 12 spark plug help

    According to Brian Millers site the non resistor will give a hotter spark. It takes less voltage to fire a nonresister. Also indexing the plug toward the intake valve will also give a more complete burn. I have a Autolite 4316 in my 312.
  14. Don1977

    05-37SC01 37 inch 1989 deck

    Most bearings are now metric and the mule drive shaft is 3/4". My guess is that the metric bearings were cheaper so they just used a larger metric bearing and pressed in a bushing.
  15. Don1977

    05-37SC01 37 inch 1989 deck

    According to PartsTree 92-7103 replaces 104974. Both V-pulleys are the same.