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  1. First order is find a D160 with a bad hydro or trans in it. My dad has one but thats his baby so thats out my neighbor has one in rough shape so I'll see what I can do with that
  2. Well looks like I'll have to start putting it into motion! I still want to keep as much as I can to be able to mow/push snow with it. Adding power steering is a thought too but that seems simple enough.
  3. Hi all! I'm hoping you'll all give me some insight/thoughts on this. I'm looking to customize a D160 yes a D series with an 8 speed to replace a failed trans unit. I have a very good idea on how I want to do it and retain hydraulics while being shaft driven to a WH 1 1/8 axle 8 speed via RH gear box and unfortunately a short period of belt. I know it would be quite a project to get everything measured out and secured properly along with a clutch rod and possibly modifying the shifters to come through the center plate. So do you all think this project is worth seeing through or a D series should never have an 8 speed but possibly a shaft drive rear end from an XI series WH?
  4. Do you happen to remember the paint code? I need it for mine thanks!
  5. Its alot of work but its the best way of doing it! The old 11hp briggs was cooked so it was a good excuse to redo it all and put an onan in as I'm partial to them but keep everything in the scheme work horse! Thanks!
  6. Started a little paint work on my work horse resto with a twin onan and 8 pinion rear diff
  7. Desko

    Onan parts

    Post have been edited check it out!
  8. Desko

    Onan parts

    Everything will have to wait! I'm currently in the hospital after a collapsed lung and surgery to fix the bleeding and take part of my lung. Its all over expect for recovery. Don't think I'm ignoring anyone anything
  9. Desko

    Onan parts

    Mine are all the same aside from 16-20hp but how about $60 obo
  10. Desko

    Onan parts

    Any muffler off a wheel Horse with an onan will work. But the number of tabs is different. A 520 has 6 for the chrome shield where say a 416 would have 4 if it doesn't have the chrome shield
  11. Desko

    Onan parts

    The muffler is pending. Heres some other parts I have. They're dirty but in good shape. The muffler with the chrome heat shield I'm keeping for my restoration gt1142 that I'm putting an onan in.
  12. Desko

    Onan parts

  13. Desko

    Onan parts

    I do have both. I have one nos muffler a used one and a couple carbs. The carbs may need rebuilt but they're in good shape.
  14. Desko

    Onan parts

    No sorry I do not just onan parts
  15. Desko

    Onan parts

    I have alot of onan parts that I would like to get rid of they all came from wheel horses. I have several sets of heads, timing covers, bearing plates, starters, carbs, one exhaust that is brand new for a 416-520 and alot of other misc parts like cams a crank nuts and bolts etc! Comments or message what you need and I'll see what I have! Heads $35 a set good threads Carbs $30 +5 if you want manifold Rear bearing plates $15 Oil pans $40 Starter $40 with bolts Cam $50 Pistons $20 a set Block needs bored $100 Have new .020 pistons for block $100 Valves and springs $20 a set or $5 a valve they're 5/16 stems. Thanks!