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  1. Did you ever finish the joystick operated shute deflector and gear driven shute turner...thinking about doing this on my XI.....any sources and schematics would be appreciated.

  2. Theroundhousernr

    Pre 1977 C series auto

    I am looking for a C series auto with hydro lift pre 1977. It could even be a bronco... I am really just looking for a carcass/roller. Would be interested in a C160A but really anything thats auto with hydraulic lift from those years.. 1971 to 1977. Can be blown up... beat to death.... rusty.. would like something complete but would take a frame with hood/dash/ and fender as well. Let me know what you have... Can trade a 42in snow plow.. A 518H roller..or will happily pay cash.. Thanks!!
  3. I have a plow hitch bracket for sale thats fits the GT14, D Series Tractors, 953/1054. Original and in nice shape. All hardware inlcuded. $50.00 Includes shipping to your front door. Will entertain offers as well.
  4. Theroundhousernr

    1996 520h, what's wrong here?

    Idk . Judging by the photo above.. that brake pedal looks about right to me. Could be out of adjustment or just parking brake is set. Now the foot rest is a whole other story......
  5. Theroundhousernr

    RJ-58 Restoration

    I think i am sold on this tallmans paint. I went on there website and didnt see clear coat but then later found it after asking the question to you and figured thats what you used then. I am looking for a decent paint that can accept clear coat for spraying out of a gun. My truck was just recently painted with Dupont.... talk about salty but wouldnt have it any other way.. And the stuff like Krylon , and rustoleum just isnt my thing either. So thanks for the write up on this... You many have just sold a few cases of paint for them!
  6. Theroundhousernr

    1996 520h, what's wrong here?

    Parking brake engaged?
  7. Theroundhousernr

    RJ-58 Restoration

    Great success story... I am glad you decided to not give up... expecting factory finish from clear in the outdoor elements and not in a controlled environment is almost impossible and will require as much finish work as prep work. Just judging by pictures and time put into the prep work... I felt pretty confident in just needing the right tool and great advice from red square!! The show must go on! Also maybe I missed it but what brand clear coat did you use? Also did you do any sanding before putting down your clear over the base coat?? Just curious... great results...
  8. Theroundhousernr

    Project Dizzy Horse

    The shows that are local to me that i attend are the old time plowboys in kutztown pa and antique toy and tractor club out of bowers pa. Thinking about trying to restore a different model till the next show to put up on it. I must say that it really pushes you to make the tractor as nice as possible because why put something on a spinning pedestal that you is so so... in a way its kind of a motivational piece as well.. The knew plan is to build something that spin a BIG antique tractor... We will see if that every comes to life or not.
  9. Theroundhousernr

    RJ-58 Restoration

    Personally... i dont see anything wrong with the clear or the way you painted it....This all seems to be in your finish work... The recoil in the one photo is loaded with sanding marks... The idea of polishing is to start with a heavy cut polish and work your way to a finish type polish. Basically as you polish you cut into the clear and almost melt the clear into a mirror type finish. But this really cant be done by hand and must be done with da or similar tool. They even make small little one inch polishing wheels for small parts. You start with a heavy cut polish and continue down till sanding marks are all gone. Even different pads make a difference from wool to microfiber to foam. Good luck.. just hate to see you give up on an awesome job for something that can be fixed easily ( from the photos anyway). Remember , a factory clear is very thin.. with the amount of clear you got on there.. you can work that for a while before you burn through... Id say research how to wet sand and polish out clear before you throw in the towel. ps i wouldnt even think about trying to buff out clear by hand...
  10. Theroundhousernr

    Project Dizzy Horse

    We thought about something similar.. I was thinking of conveyor belt rollers. Two on each side that would cradle the rear wheels. Then drive a sprocket and chain off one the rear rollers to drive it. So the wheels would be turning as well. But.... things like racking up hours on the motor , noise and time drove that idea out.
  11. Theroundhousernr

    Project Dizzy Horse

    I know..... was really hoping to keep it hidden till i could show it off at the wheel horse show but not sure when i will make it. However it takes a special kind of nut case to go through the effort to do that but i know you guys are out there just like me lol.... Oh well.... its all about the fun
  12. Theroundhousernr

    Project Dizzy Horse

    Well..... i will have to upload some more pictures to explain fully but i will try until i can. The center piece of receiver tubing is solid mounted to the hub. Then a piece of square tubing has round stock with washers welded to the end to mount to the rear atachomatic. So i set up the frame with the hub under the tractor, jack up the rear and set the tractor down on blocks under the rear tires. Then that allows me to slide the square tubing through the reciever tubing and latch the rear in place... Then i go to the front and jack it up. The front mount then slides onto that same tubing and the tractor is then lowered down in place... Then give the tractor a good shove and it falls off the blocks and is now floating on the hub. The drive sprocket shaft has a square milled on the end.. So you just drop the rotisserie motor on and go... The tractor was balanced on a pipe and a jack in the garage to find the center point of balance to get the best performance. So there is white line painted on the square tubing so i know how far to slide it in to keep it about balanced weight wise... The wind literally will move it around without the motor... Hey knew idea.... life size wheel horse pin wheels lol...
  13. Theroundhousernr

    Project Dizzy Horse

    it was talked about but never got around to it yet...... It is just as clean under.. When it was torn down to a roller i had the front jacked up with a 4 ft 2x4 and was cleaning away.. Now my only issue is this is my first 520h with gear reduction steering and i am to afraid to use it now because i dont want to go through cleaning like i just did again should i ever want to put it on display again. So I guess that means i buy another one.....I know isnt that terrible??? lol
  14. Theroundhousernr

    Project Dizzy Horse

    Ok so..... Its been awhile... Been busy but the addiction still follows me around for wheel horse.. I pick up one here and there and sell one .....rarely....grr lol... Anyway, group effort on this project and i really hoped it was gonna see the light of day at the wheel horse show but i never made it to the show this year and didnt really want to share it this way but here it goes.. Early this year i picked up a 94 520H... I called up my other wheel horse-a-holic buddy to brag ,of coarse, how nice it is... He says how nice is it... I said you know the old car comerecials where ford and so on would display there new models on spinning platforms... he said yea.. I said yea that nice... Well, being the mad scientist he is, he says you know we can just do that... You get that thing cleaned up and ill start working on the rest. Well... i tore that 520h down to a roller and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and buffed and waxed...Did the valves and other maint. related stuff for the hours on the clock. Replaced a few decals... wanted to keep it orginal as possible but couldnt live with ugly decals. I bet 30 hours in detailing. So an old hub from a plow , receiver tubing, some sprockets and chains and a grill motor.... and here it is.. Works awesome and stops a lot of people.. Not bad for an 850 hr machine!!! All orginal paint... nothing was repainted. Also... tractor mounts on the spinning display via the rear and mid attachomatic which means horses from all years just about can take a spin. Since the video and proof of concept. The aparatas has been blasted and painted. I also added a tent and ropes for safety. Just plug it in and i let it run for hours... So what do you all think???? Also brought me garden tractor of the year at the show and a nifty little trophie. I have to say there really wasnt a lot of wheel horses but all in all. Still a good show.. Thank you Terry for decals and all involed with project. Heres a video of it in action via youtube link
  15. Theroundhousernr

    C175, Identification, help needed, year, rear, engine, etc.

    Hello... Been awhile.. Looks as nice as my C-175 but mine is an eight speed... I would say grab that baby up.... Its gonna be a series I unless it had an engine swap but i doubt it judging by the shape shes in... From the rear end picture, i think i see an oil filter hanging out the back which would tell me its an eaton 1100 which earlier models had the sunstrand. So its not a first year production or anything... Also the plastic fender looks great to .. But you may not like that and throw a steal pan under the seat.. I would say those fenders are getting hard to find and if its nice.. keep it on there. Good luck and bring it home... those motors sounds cool