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  1. Was an excellent engine, went to Mo. for a 400 J.D. that had a broken rod.

    1. JAYDOG 69

      JAYDOG 69

      Ok thanks, mine just broke a rod. Just found a set for it !!

  2. JAYDOG 69

    D200 - parting out

    Do you have engine for it?
  3. JAYDOG 69

    d-180 people, I have a few questions

    ok thanks everybody, I have decided to keep my 520. maybe someday in the future I will be able to afford a D series wife willing haha. thanks again for all the input,Jason
  4. JAYDOG 69

    d-180 people, I have a few questions

    Ok let me ask a different ? my 520 isn't any thing special 850 ish hrs. everything works as it should the guy has a 75 d-180 and the meter has 750 hrs on it it comes with a 54" plow and brindly disk, rear three point an no pto I was going to put my 60" mower under it (if it will fit) haven't seen the 180 in person but looks great from pic. do you all think this is a good trade? 750hrs on the meter seems low to me but im going to look at it 2marow
  5. JAYDOG 69

    d-180 people, I have a few questions

    the d180 comes with a 54" blade and a brinly dd-1000 disk I would love to keep my 520 but im married, must of you know how that is haha. my yard is about 800 ft long by 220ft wide. just always wanted a d series for the power and versatility but I haven't made the deal yet lol
  6. always wanted to get a D series I have a chance to trade my 520h for a d-180. First it has the 3-point but no pto is it possible to install one ? I have no idea. Second will my 60" mower fit on the d-180 ? thanks for your help
  7. JAYDOG 69

    mule drive?

    thanks for info will have to look into some type of mod. if I cant find one or just not lift the deck
  8. JAYDOG 69

    mule drive?

    I have a 91 520h just picked up a 60" deck from a member here. Is it true that the 60" decks use a special spring loaded mule drive or can you use a regular drive thanks for any info. call me if anyone knows how to get ahold of one thanks, in canton Ohio. Jay (330)327-7930
  9. that's awesome keep the pics coming this will be a good one to follow
  10. JAYDOG 69

    white oil

    hi andy I do understand that the two do not mix but the fresh oil would hopefully wash the milky substance from internal parts and give it a vehicle to take it to the bottom of the case where it could be drained we hope never the less there's only one to find out. thanks for your advice
  11. JAYDOG 69

    white oil

    With the cost of buying 3 or 4 new filters to do this since the trans is not going to be ran that much between oil changes do you think it would be a problem to bypass the filter housing to run and change the oil 2 or 3 times? thanks for all your replies I'm really not that cheap but am disabled and don't have any income until I get approved for ssi after saying that I guess I really am that cheap ha ha thanks, jay ,
  12. JAYDOG 69

    white oil

    well in the process of a frame up resto on my 91 520h when I pulled the trans filer looked water mixed with the oil same thing when I pulled the lines its all through the system it still moved ok before teardown. what would be the cheapest way to clean it out doesn't look like the any of the seals are leaking, think it from sitting outside allot (condensation) any help would be appreciated. thanks jay
  13. JAYDOG 69

    1991 520h saved

    AMC yep sure does should fit right under it, thanks Martin ill check that out
  14. JAYDOG 69

    1991 520h saved

    Hi all new guy here, great forum. I was able to save a 520 from being parted out, just got it home, little bit rusty but runs ok and hydro seems to be good. Has 830 hours on it. planning on tearing it down to do some cleaning and painting to bring her back to life again. I have two others a 314a & c105 with kohlers so I am not very up on the onans . I was hoping to get some advice on anything that I should do or look for while I have the engine on the bench. from the looks of it, it doesn't appear to have any oil leaks so not sure if I should reseal it or not. budget is kind of tight on this one but I would like to avoid any issues that may be avoidable. so if anyone has any advice for this first time onan owner it would be greatly appreciated. I did pay 800 bucks for it so I don't think I did very bad on the purchase, but be honest let me know what you think. also I would like to find a 60" deck to go under this unit, i would be willing to trade my great running and cutting 314a if anyone is interested or knows where I could get one. thanks Jay
  15. JAYDOG 69


    just saved a 1991 520 h from the chop shop guy was going to part it out. Any how I would like to find a 60 inch mower deck to go under it does anyone have any ideas where I could find one of these monsters? I know that they are a fabricated deck so my question is does it have to be a wheel horse deck or would off another brand work. I am pretty handy with this kind of stuff with a welder and torch it should fit rite? LOL Thanks in advance for any advice