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  1. stratostar250

    D160 - First start

    Glad to see that thing is running well for you! The previous owner told me that it smoked bad on one cylinder, but he hadn't run it in a few years, maybe he got his machines mixed up? . Awesome to see it running and working good for you! Glad it went to good hands!
  2. stratostar250

    Near to me members, you ok?

    It was very bad here. My family and I are safe, no damages other than I had quite a large tree land across my driveway, but thankfully didn't hit any power lines. I've heard that we may be without power for the next 5 to 7 days. There are many trees down and many broken telephone poles. I guess we will see how long it takes! All is well, though.
  3. I scared people with this first pic And then this is how I had her set up.
  4. Oh. I knew it was awful!!!
  5. The awful exhaust was me. I hadn't planned on plowing with it anymore when I stole the stack I had on it....I know, it's not one of my finer moments...at all, but the original 45 from the pipe disintegrated when I took of the original muffler and all I had was a 90 laying around when I put that muffler back on. But the rake is still a good head scratcher, like I said the guy did his whole yard with it dedication is all I can say.
  6. stratostar250

    D-250 Gas Tank

    Hello all! I'm looking for a gas tank for a D-250, mine has no threads at the top and I have to keep the cap on with tape. I can pick up at the big show if you have one! PM me if you have one you'd like to sell me. Thanks! -Tom
  7. stratostar250


    Terry, every year you do something so awesome for all of us!! I hope you understand how much we all just love and respect the work you do for all of us!! I'll be going again this year, I'll PM you with some pics and info!
  8. stratostar250

    Bagged out steering bushing hole?

    Looks good! Like you said, if it works. It works! I like the efforts that others have put in and those look like super sturdy, long term solutions, but I bet that will be too as long as you dont yank the wheel too hard!!
  9. stratostar250

    Time to bring in a Kohler!

    Well, I got all the PTO parts, cleaned up the wiring, threw a deck on her, and now she's prepped for spring!! Maybe some paint at a later date, but she's ready to work!!
  10. stratostar250

    Time to bring in a Kohler!

    Well guys, except for some PTO parts, headlights, and cleaning up the wires, She's all complete! I ended up having to get a new voltage regulator and a new key switch, because the briggs uses a magneto style key switch. So now shes charges, drives, starts, stops, will do everything currently, except mow. haha. The motor burns a little bit more oil than I remember, sadly, but she runs, and she runs strong, so I'm as happy as I can be. I haven't had the motor running in 2 years either, so who knows. It's the first tractor I've swapped motors on, though, and I'm glad how it turned out! Keep 'em Alive!!
  11. stratostar250

    Hotel is booked!! 2018 show is locked in!

    The comfort inn! I hope the new one is nice!
  12. stratostar250

    Hotel is booked!! 2018 show is locked in!

    Add another one to the finally booked list Everything is all official finally!
  13. stratostar250

    Time to bring in a Kohler!

    I got the stack from tractor supply. Wasn't too expensive. https://goo.gl/images/L2yGfC Kinda looks like this
  14. stratostar250

    Time to bring in a Kohler!

    I set this up this morning. Now I'm just waiting on the pulley to arrive!! I've also come to the conclusion that I need a voltage regulator. Where do you guys get yours from? Toro wants $102 (same price as the pulley, figure that) for one as well.