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  1. puddlejumper

    312-8 Running rich fuel coming out of air filter

    Check the atmospheric vent, it is a small air passage that should be above the float in the bottom of the carb that will come out just inside the throat of the carb or to the outside of the carb. If this air passage is clogged it causes a high barometric pressure inside the fuel bowl caused by the pressure of the fuel being pumped in which in turn will cause the float to have less buoyancy than it would under normal or balanced atmospheric pressure. this normally causes the engine to flood immediately with fuel pouring from the carb and the engine will not run. But maybe yours is just partially obstructed. I soaked and cleaned a carb many times a few years ago to no avail when a member on here suggested this to me and sure enough I had missed this orifice every time so look close.
  2. Fuel pumps can also be tempermental with heat
  3. puddlejumper

    Growing a woodlot with osage orange trees

    Give locust some consideration also, hot fire,plus it holds well when the damper is closed, and grows fast and straight, Not much brush to contend with, Plus you can plant closer together without having the jungle sprawling,twisted hedges would produce
  4. puddlejumper

    gator mulching blades

    I was going to buy a set for a 1200 cub and the salesman told me that due to the fact they are designed to cut the clippings numerous times they use a lot of horsepower and as said above dry well maintaintained lawns only. If your yard gets out of control its just to much to ask out of the design of the blade and a unnecessary strain on the engine.
  5. puddlejumper

    Hub puller?

    some heat will help, But if there tight a heavy homemade puller is priceless. And if all else fails a sawzall and a call to kelly
  6. puddlejumper

    wheel horse gold

  7. puddlejumper

    520H Wiring questions

    You may have got a bad switch,(Its possible) or you have a short between the start and accssorory wire. with a multimeter check to make sure the start terminal on the key switch goes dead with the key in run position. It should only be energized with key in start, or you could have the start and run accessory crossed. Does it crank and start if you just turn the key on without going all the way to the start position
  8. puddlejumper

    wheel horse 753 ??

    The fuel pump could be failing under heat also. You may try bypassing pump and gravity feed directly to carb
  9. puddlejumper

    car recovery with Allis B-110

    We had a guy around here that always ran ou812, the announcer tried o you ate hundred12, ou ate 12, ou ate one two, It was a pretty good number for a demolition car.
  10. I had a 50 horse kiekaufer mercury of that era. On a 16 foot polarcraft it would fly. The only problems ever had with it was had to keep a additive in it to help with water in the gas. If it got 1 drop in the carb you might as well pull and clean.
  11. puddlejumper

    what is it?? starter for what?

    I am probably wrong but I think stevebo has a early rj with that starter on a clinton.
  12. puddlejumper

    Do your neighbors think you weird?

    Well, being from this small town everybody knows I have been nuts from a early age. except a new neighbor moved in a year or so ago and word started traveling around about the town redneck, hillbilly, 100 or so rabbits out in the pens, pack of 10 or 12 beagles in the pens, deer hanging in public view out in the yard, Junk tractors setting everywhere. And he finally said enough that the neighbors started backing him down and telling him that he should be happy I was around. well a month or so went by and he showed up wanting a old snapper started, five minutes latter he was mowing with it. A little time passed and him and his wife where in the yard and he was complaining about a guy on the other side of him that was kinda obvious about cheating on his wife. I asked him in front of his wife if he had been messing with his wife. got a stammering no. So I told him it didnt concern him and to keep his nose in his own business. Well that pretty much stopped the complaining about me, and he pretty much avoided me for some time. but know he comes over meekishly once in awhile to have me fix something we are neighbors and I am neighborly. But he stays over there with his mouth shut and I stay over here.
  13. puddlejumper

    Kohler k91 troubles

    Float level set a little to low, or maybe a partially clogged main jet. I am drawing straws also.
  14. puddlejumper

    Kohler K series carburetor crossover

    Before youn throw the carb away check one last thing. there is a hole in the housing of the carb under the float, In cant remember which side at the moment that comes up and out through the inside front of the carb. This is a atmospheric vent if it is clogged it will cause a high atmospheric pressure in the float bowl causing your float to be less boyaunt. I fought one hard and THOUGHT I had cleaned it well numerous times. Found out this valuable piece of information and all problems where cured.
  15. I do not want to derail an excellent thread, but this has always bothered me. I have a "grabby" clutch (belt is worn, no doubt) and have popped it many times and gotten that rising frontend sensation, but there is no way I was anywhere close to actually lifting it high enough to turn over, and I doubt any of the engines we have in these things combined with the transmissions could do so, except if you had already jacked the thing way up. Is this really a caution that can hurt you, or just something that can surprise you if you are not expecting it. ? I have never felt like one would come over with the mower deck on flat ground but a bare tractor. You better be carefull because there is more guys than just me that have reared them over backwards and that doesnt just apply to the manual tractors, I was being raunchy on a charger ten checking out the hydro and if I had not had a hold of the motion lever when it stood staight up and started over backwards it would have been on top of me but as luck would have it as I went back I pulled the motion controll lever into reverse and it liked to have jarred my eyeteeth loose when it slammed the front wheels back on the ground.