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  1. I used a wire brush on the motor and transmisson because I won't risk getting media it those vital components!
  2. Looks like its getting a serious lift kit!
  3. Looks like an air scoop on the headlight slot. Will this machine be boasting big horsepower?
  4. redrooster

    dual wheels/tires

    Looks good!
  5. redrooster

    dual wheels/tires

    I was thinking that the pvc adapters would scratch the paint on the rims.
  6. redrooster

    dual wheels/tires

    How do I contact this vendor?
  7. redrooster

    Picked up another one!

    Nice horse! I want a round hood some day!
  8. redrooster

    Turf tires

    Original Wheelhorse tires off of my 78 C 141.
  9. redrooster

    Gt14 tires

    For sale. 30.00
  10. I'd like to have it! Somebody sell me one!
  11. Simply magnificent! I never get tired of seeing an old round hood thats been given a new lease on life![emoji106] [emoji106] [emoji106] Very well done!
  12. What's the advantage of lug nuts? I like the look of the factory bolts and they would look great if they were chromed.
  13. redrooster

    Plastic Hood Hinge Bushings

    Get a brass bushing and drill it to fit.