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  1. Lyman1234

    My new toy rj58 "RAT TRAP" Rat Rod

    What size tires are you running on the back. Just curious.
  2. Lyman1234

    Suburban Rat

    Hi, can you tell me a little about the wheels and tires you used, size, where you found them etc. Thanks
  3. Lyman1234

    Blade Tips for 32in Rotary

    Hi I am looking for a set of mower blade tips for my RMR 32 rotary deck. Thanks
  4. Lyman1234

    Cart Restoration

    No you do not, however I used filler primer on the whole surface and sanded the entire cart. I did take a grinder to some of the surface rust areas only as this is quicker. Agree with using them, they don't like to stand in the stables to long LOL
  5. Lyman1234

    Cart Restoration

    No, that's why I used the bedliner, it will be used all my stuff is restored and run pretty hard and restored again.
  6. Lyman1234

    Cart Restoration

    Hi, I used Rust-Oleum Truck Bed Coating not bedliner which I found to be different I believe in consistency.
  7. Just finished the restoration of this cart. I picked it up from a great guy, and the shape was good, just needed some TLC.
  8. Lyman1234

    Blade Tips for Mower

    Though I would agree with you that the design was not the best, remember these are not running close to the tip speed of even the smallest new mowers. There are many of these that actually still operate, and I am not using it as my primary mower, just want to see what the cut generally looked like. I have a set of JD blades that are the same width as the spindle and tip carrier, and would fit perfectly. I may try that to see if it works. Thanks for all the input, and as always will be safe. Thanks all.
  9. Lyman1234

    Blade Tips for Mower

    I could buy a pair from Toro but they are asking 160.00. There has to be some type of alternative out there.
  10. Lyman1234

    Blade Tips for Mower

    No, that's the trouble. I do not have any to pattern after. Do you have dimensions. Thx
  11. Lyman1234

    Blade Tips for Mower

    Sure, as you know the blade tips for these mowers are bolted on to the spindle driven off the gears. I have attached a drawing of the piece I am looking to fabricate.
  12. Hi all, and Happy Mothers Day!! I am looking to attempt to fabricate some tips for my 32" rotary mower. Any ideas or has anyone done this before. Thanks all.
  13. Lyman1234

    RJ Mower Deck Blade Tips Kit #6005

    Hi, did you ever build the tips for your blades. Looking to do the same soon. Thanks
  14. Hi. Do you know anyone making these. Thanks.