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  1. coalboss

    314 h

    Be giving you a call maybe tomorrow or thursday, it's me Rich from Homer City!
  2. coalboss

    Generator mounting frame

    In process of fabricating one, if pan's out will let you know!
  3. coalboss

    Wheel horse electric front mount generator

    If you find a layout or print, please forward to me! Looking for same, about to fabricate my own if don't see anything soon! thanks rich b
  4. coalboss

    generator mount with or without generator

    Ok, just interested in mount for generator, unless it has a 220 outlet
  5. coalboss

    generator mount with or without generator

    Looking for a wheel horse generator mount or plans to build one!
  6. Any one have any actual plans or measurements to make a mount for a generator; please send asap thanks
  7. coalboss

    New Wheel horse generator

    Would you happen to still have it? Interested if you do! thanks
  8. coalboss

    Generator N.O.S

    Interested, give me a shout or email tomorrow please! 724-549-1640
  9. Need to know if a Serial # 29419 snow blower would fit my 315??