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  1. marvins

    Generator mounting frame

    Wanting to buy a mounting frame for a generator
  2. marvins

    Wheelhorse mid Pto-66

    I am interested please call 217-652-5382 Marvin
  3. marvins


    I am wanting to know if there is a bracket out there for sale for a generator or a way I can get the correct picture and dimesions to make one
  4. marvins

    Air Filter cap

    I am posting for friend, he is looking for air filter cap that goes on D-250 The parts number is 250249 on D-250 1976 I am not sure if it is the same on other models of D-250 Any questions please call Lyle 618-838-4296 or if have one please call Lyle Thank You
  5. marvins

    C-120 special?

    That is my tractor and I have had it since the mid 80s. I used it to mow for 10 to 15 years untill it started knocking. I put it in shed for about 15 years. I then got it out and had it restored. I have since found out there were only 200 to 300 of these with the tecky engine made. I have not seen but a few at shows. I am very happy with mine it turned out very nice and runs great.
  6. I have a friend that I think found a 4 wheel wagon. The wagon does not have the sides on it , but the guy says he has them. I am wanting help on how to find out if it is a wheelhorse. I want to know if it is suppose to have a serial tag. I would also like any thing else that might help me pictures maybe. I would like to see pictures of what the underneath looks like. Any help would be great. Thank You Marvin
  7. I am about hour and half away and would be interested in what you have. I would like to have a chance to buy some of your collection.
  8. marvins


    I have a wheel horse tiller I need a gasket for it. It will be the second time I have had to replace it. The tiller works great but is leaking quite a bit. The number on the tiller is 07-36TL01 10899 0018, I think the tiller is late 70's or 80. I went to parts tree and looked and was no longer available. I think the parts number is 6851. I would like to know where to get one. Also is there anything else to do when I replace it to help keep it from leaking down the road. Thanks for the help
  9. marvins

    Finally! A D250!

    I would like to know if there were very many of these built. I would also like to know if there are very many around. I was told by a young friend that his grandma has one in shed and might sell. Anything I should know about it.
  10. marvins

    roll pin can not get out

    it is a c160 tractor
  11. marvins

    1974 c160 lift cable

    I am looking for a few parts for lifting a tiller and plow on a c160 1974 clevis assembly 8292 pin (3) 932120 cotter pin (3) 932000 lift cable 104928 thimble for lift cable 8290 cable clamp (2) 8291 clevis 8289 I can get some of these parts at the hardware store. but the lift cable, thimble for lift cable and the clevis's are what I am needing I found the parts drawing in the manuals. I need help finding parts.
  12. I can not get roll pin out of a 70s steering wheel any ideas.
  13. I have a 1974 C160 and a 36 inch 1980 tiller I can not find in manual section the correct parts to hook up the tiller to the C160 I need help, pictures are what I would really like with a parts list Anybody have anything I would appreciate it thanks
  14. I picked up a 74 C-160 late last fall. The tractor is in average shape, needed tlc. The hydrostactic transmission bypass valve is frozen. I have sprayed PB blaster on it a few times and can not get it to turn. I am wanting some help on what to do. I would like it to work so I can move it around in garage without starting it.