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  1. baerpath


    Yup Still sits in the barn unused
  2. baerpath

    2016 Montgomery NY Tractor Pulls

    They lied
  3. baerpath

    C195 roller

    You can get new ones also
  4. baerpath

    C195 roller

    C195 roller motor blew out gov gear so used it for parts for other KT19's No 3pt or rear pto Has small crack in rear of fenders easy repair nothing missing Front tire leaks down
  5. baerpath

    D-250 No Spark

    Wheel Horse part number 250826 for the points for a D250 Pete I'll be in Schaghticoke tomarrow give me a call
  6. C175 8spd motor changed out with a 18 magnum (Carb needs cleaning have to run with choke one 1/4 way), deck looks to be in good shape, snow blower is complete tiller need attention has slow leak on bottom of case and tines are wore but is complete. Could use new fenders I have a set for it separately
  7. baerpath

    AG tires wanted

    Yup check rules for the class you want to be in first. Pro tires can be cheaper than stock tires but not always allowed
  8. Need some pulling advice and was wondering if you had a set of 12"x 10.5" or 12x12 rims you would like to part with ? And also a set of 26x12x12 ag tires ? thanks kyle

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    2. fast88pu


      regular ags non cut. What secrets have you found to help your wheel horse be competative with the rest of them. What hitch height do they pull the best at ? My max height can only be 13". And max tire size of 26x12x12. Thank you

    3. baerpath


      Go for the max height and tire size.  How long is the hook chain, how heavy is the sled, what is a full pull, any speed limits, how heavy is the sled Lot of variables  Try it once and see what happens then we can adjust from there

    4. fast88pu


      I was suppose to pull last friday night but truck died 75' out of the driveway. The next one is this friday night so i will soon know. I will let you know how it goes

  9. baerpath

    WH 310-8 Frame

    Yes still have it. Looks to be good shape I'm in Canajoharie NY 6 miles south of 90
  10. Yup still have them, although the C 161 8spd now is a C 381 with the command on it
  11. I put these four in the barn around 5yrs ago Just dug them out today. Almost all the tires stayed up but then they were sitting on jack stands. Should just have to put battery's in them to fire up. Now to wash and wax and put them back in the barn....................
  12. baerpath

    Thoughts on a possible trade

    Straight trade after he shows it running and moving. blade up and down push a car with it
  13. baerpath

    953 stretched puller

    953 no motor good rear fenders front axle ex. No hydraulic pump ram is still in it 7.50x15 Goodyear bar treads in good shape
  14. baerpath

    C 145 for parts

    No Would sell whole rear
  15. baerpath

    WH 310-8 Frame

    I have a 310-8 frame . No snow here in NY