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  1. dclarke

    About to join the 857 Club

    That's a nice one Terry!
  2. dclarke

    Demco Amigo winter project

    Lots of cast iron there, I'll be watching also.
  3. Good idea, Mike... I needed to shorten the axles on this one and cut new keyways so I’m having the axles turned down.
  4. It was a good deal for both of us and it went to a good home.
  5. I only have one pic of teardown and this is where I'm at today, I've had the frame and tins blasted. I'm using a 5091 8 speed tranny that has 1-1/8" axles so I'm having the ends of the axles turned down to 1" so I can use the Ranger hubs. I decided to paint the rims rather than powder them so I don't scratch them up when mounting the rear tires. Like my last Ranger this Kohler will be recoil start.
  6. The Ranger I built this summer for the boys has gone to a new owner so I’m starting on another one that will be basically the same build but with a few small changes. I’m hoping to have this one done by late spring. This ‘68 is gonna be red and an 8 speed like the last one and will have a K181 engine. I’m wanting to powder coat this one. Here’s a couple of pics of what I started with.
  7. dclarke

    Looking for stuff

    I have that problem too, I sure seem to write a lot more notes to myself than I used to.
  8. dclarke

    Happy Birthday SPINJIM!

    Happy Birthday Jim!
  9. Happy Birthday Josh!
  10. dclarke

    I Just Had to Have One

    I had this one back in the early 80s but not sure what model it was. Good luck with yours Terry.
  11. Lots of good stuff there, thanks for the pics Richard!
  12. dclarke


    I'm in Richie. Thank you Sir!
  13. Lol, I know Craig. I keep putting this blower on but it doesn’t seem to snow enough around here to use it. Maybe this year.
  14. Pete, here’s a link to my blower mods.
  15. Got the cab finished up, the thrower mounted and the chains on. All ready for winter.