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  1. dclarke

    RJ58 rebuild

    I’ll give that a try Sarge. Thanks!
  2. dclarke

    RJ58 rebuild

    Thanks for the info guys!
  3. dclarke

    RJ58 rebuild

    I'm wanting to repair the plastic on this steering wheel and was wondering what would be best to fill all these very small imperfections and the cracks? I'm thinking of trying PC7 epoxy, anybody have any luck repairing one of these?
  4. I've been wondering what you've been doing to it, Brian. Glad you're back working on it.
  5. dclarke

    12” of the Wet Stuff

    Nice machines Craig! That last pic of you and your son is definitely a calendar shot.
  6. dclarke

    Happy Birthday Ed

    Happy Birthday Ed!
  7. dclarke

    Mrs. Pullstart

    Excellent build thread, Kevin. Keep up the good work!
  8. dclarke

    Happy Birthday Stevebo

    Happy Birthday Steve!
  9. dclarke

    RJ58 rebuild

    A while back Jake Kuhn rebuilt my engine and tranny, they just need cleaned up a little and they're ready for paint. Thanks Jake!
  10. dclarke

    RJ58 rebuild

    I dug this project out of my "I'll get to it some day" pile and am gonna see if I remember how it goes back together. The bare frame had a little rust on it from sitting so I cleaned it up, welded a couple of cracks on the fenders and have all the tires mounted and the front rims painted.
  11. dclarke

    Yet another New Horse Hauler

    Nice lookin truck, Richie!
  12. Got the hood back together this morning, I wasn't sure how this was gonna turn out when I started but I'm happy with it.
  13. The hood on this Ranger had a dent on the nose where the “Wheel Horse” lettering is and I never could get it straightened good enough to be happy with it. Another member here gave me a nice nose piece so I’m attempting to replace the front of my hood with the the one I just got.I ended up using the front mounting tab from my old hood and now I’m ready to tack the new front onto the hood. Tomorrow my son in law is gonna come by and help me get everything lined up so I can tack the two halves back together. So far this has gone better than I thought it might, I think it’ll make a nice hood when it’s done.
  14. dclarke

    RJ at a lawn mower repair shop

    Maybe you could leave your name and number with the guys at the shop and ask them to pass it along to the owner and see if he'll call you.