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  1. JERSEYHAWG /  Glenn

    Opinions On These Wheels

    I like the silver wheels. Glenn
  2. JERSEYHAWG /  Glenn

    My boy pulled it off.... out with old, in with new

    Job well done, keep up the good work. Glenn
  3. JERSEYHAWG /  Glenn

    Happy Birthday Ed

    Happy birthday Ed and many more. Glenn
  4. JERSEYHAWG /  Glenn

    Gas prices What are you paying?

    I paid $2.23 a gallon for regular today. Glenn
  5. JERSEYHAWG /  Glenn

    Happy Birthday Stevebo

    Steve, happy birthday. Glenn
  6. JERSEYHAWG /  Glenn

    No snow, plenty of mud

    Nothing herr but rain. Glenn
  7. JERSEYHAWG /  Glenn

    Yet another New Horse Hauler

    Best of luck Richie. Nice ride. Glenn
  8. JERSEYHAWG /  Glenn

    Please welcome our newest Moderator....

    Hey Steve, congratulations to you. I am sure you will do a first class job. Best of luck. Glenn
  9. JERSEYHAWG /  Glenn

    Wish you all a Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everybody. Please dont drink and drive. Glenn
  10. JERSEYHAWG /  Glenn

    Glad to be here.

    Nice to have you aboard, its a great site and great members. Glenn
  11. JERSEYHAWG /  Glenn

    got the bug again

    Nice patina on that one, price was right. Glenn
  12. JERSEYHAWG /  Glenn

    Hitch install day

    Nice job. Glenn
  13. JERSEYHAWG /  Glenn

    Rest In Peace semperfi8185

    A sad day. Condolensces for loosing a friend, its hard. Glenn
  14. JERSEYHAWG /  Glenn

    43 years ago

    Congratulations, time sure does fly by. Me and my mrs. were looking at pictures the other day to. I forgot about having dark hair and more of it. Glenn
  15. JERSEYHAWG /  Glenn


    Your ready for sure. Glenn