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  1. tbbahner

    RATBURB - Suburban Rat Rod

    Suburban rat rod. Good 8hp Briggs. 10 inch wide meats on the rear.
  2. tbbahner

    Just why are Commando V7s So Unpopular?

    And whats wrong with fixin up a vertical shaft WH????
  3. Hey all, I'm in need of a rockshaft setup for a tiller for a 1979 C161. Found one off a 520 that looks like it would fit, it appears to be a short one unlike the pre 1978 ones. Would the one of the 520 work?? Also, how important is the tube the lift cable runs through? Thanks for any help.
  4. tbbahner

    Tiller Rockshaft

    In need of a rockshaft for a 1979 C161 for tiller lift. Goes under gas tank and fender. Not the long one that fits 77 and older. tbbahner@aol.com
  5. tbbahner

    American Iron

    Thanks for the comments guys. I forgot how these things "float" down the road, you kinda have to get used to it again. Remember when power steering was done with a finger tip! As was said, it is a 'HOOT". Didn't know I had so many friends, either a wave or thumbs up going down the road. In the process of getting it road worthy again. Wife and I are planning on driving Rt. 66 this summer.
  6. Been a while since I've posted anything. I still lurk and enjoy my tractors. Over the last year, I decided to reduce my flock of Ferguson tractors. Since my hobby has always supported itself, I decided to change directions a little. The money from the sale of the tractors is being invested in a little different type of old iron. Over 2 tons of American iron and chrome with fins to boot! Ya just gotta love it! She's just an old driver that's had a hard life but at age 51 she's still got some life left in her. Makes cruisin for chicks a tad more comfortable! Tom B 1963 Cadillac Sedan DeVille
  7. tbbahner

    1949 Chevy Pick Up... New Find

    Nice, a new adventure! Last tagged in Kansas even! Have fun with it. Tom B
  8. tbbahner

    12 Automatic hard to start when out of gas.

    Go to WallyWorld and get some cheap aerosol carb cleaner to use as starter fluid instead of ether! I've heard too many bad stories about ether knocking holes in pistons, breaking cranks, etc. Your pump might be getting weak but probably not. You can take the gas line between the pump and carb off, turn it over to see if it spurts gas. You can take the gas cap off and blow into the tank to pressurize it and move gas through the line so it doesn't have to pump so long to move the gas to the carb. Inhale BEFORE blowing into the tank or you'll be wandering around out in the yard for a while, and remember to put the cigarette out. . The shutoff valve at the tank might be partially clogged. Disconnect the fuel line at the fuel filter or pump and make sure you're getting good flow. Might be time to clean the carb, but if it runs good its probably ok. You can pull the carb bowl off and check for gunk, debris, etc. pretty easy, w/o pulling the whole carb off.. Put in a new spark plug! If the fuel system is in good order, check the points. They might need to be filed, gapped, or replaced. An old mechanic told me not to used sand paper on points as the heat of the spark can crystalize the sand and make them not fire right. I've used it it and never seemed to have a problem, just sayin. Then go to timing. Others will chime in with better suggestions I'm sure. Good luck.
  9. tbbahner

    Green Slime - Anyone Using it in their Tires?

    See pic above. Nuff said. You're correct Brandon, I didn't appreciate the crap when the owner complained that tire kept going down. What a mess. Took a long time to clean up.
  10. tbbahner

    Will not stay running

    Hang in there, you'll get her figured out. We've all been where you are, at some point. You'll learn a lot off this forum as there are a few electrical guru's to give you advice. Or, bring it up here to Rossville and we'll go through it. Tom B
  11. tbbahner

    SQI - MTD problem

    Yep, but, I'm trying to wire around the saftey switches. This thing sees very little maintenance so they will be a continuous source of problem. Figureing out whether safety switches are normally open or closed and how it relates to the vague wiring diagrahm drives me nuts. Guess I'm looking for an easy way out.
  12. tbbahner

    SQI - MTD problem

    Well, I had a weak moment and said I'd look at a MTD with a no start problem. I can jump battery directly to starter and it'll start. Can also jump from the small post on solenoid to sol. post that goes to starter and it'll start. It has a 6 post switch which I'm not familiar with. . I was hoping to wire around all the saftey switches an just go from the S post on the switch to the solenoid and get it going, but no go. Not sure if the switch is bad or not, but I get nothing when I hit the switch, not even a click. Any ideas on how I can get this thing outa my shop under its own power. Below is a link to the Elec. diagrahm off parts tree if it helps any. http://www.partstree.com/parts/?lc=mtd&mn=134M605G118+%281994%29&dn=00821000012 Thanks for any suggestions.
  13. I've always thought there should be another gear between 2nd and 3rd for mowing, but I don't know if the blade speed would be fast enough, unless you're mowing short grass. I totally understand what you're saying, Horses sort of plod along when mowing. I invested in a ZTR, cut mowing time in half. But, I still use a Horse for the hills and ditches to get my fix.
  14. tbbahner

    gear oil

    I can't count the number of tranny's that I drained 60% water out of. Couple flushes and good as new. Only once Frank??? Don't be so pesimistic, I know your not over 90 yet, that's just judging by looks of course .