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  1. I added he cigarette Lighter outlet so that I can run a magnetic revolving yellow warning blinker since I live on a curve and the cars come around it WAY to fast for my liking! Has saved my keester more then once in the past 5 yrs.....! p.s. I got this ole girl after the original owner went to his reward. Restored it to good working order and gave her a fresh coat of paint.... p.s. don't forget to chk the transmission if the oil it is brown you need to flush it with kerosene and replace once or twice if it is black fill to proper level and leave it alone..... also change the shift boot if oil is brown.... leakage here is where the H2O gets in.. Welcome Bob
  2. I would say definitely pull the trigger if the engine is good, you get it running and chk the condition of the tranny fluid and you will have a hell of a machine. I have the identical tractor and it the best plow tractor I have ever owned.... easy to maneuver, easy to get started in sub zero and absolutely sips gas.
  3. Rob R

    Starter Solenoid Question

    If the new switch has an "S" for start/solenoid I would strongly recommend you add a solenoid as this will take the stress off the switch also mount the solenoid is a spot where you can get at it easily and re-place when necessary down the road this additionally makes diagnosis when you have ignition issues a snap.... just saying. I have done this change on all my old tractors and it has made them much more reliable.
  4. Rob R

    Veterans Day early in Brewster

    Thanks Karl, super day the Kids are wonderful and basically humbled all of us.... the Vet in the center is 96 and served for 4 yrs in WWII!
  5. Rob R


    I use Rustoleum Sunrise Red Brush and Spray (Rattle Can). I Brush on the initial coat let it dry for a few minutes and then apply a light soray of the same color on top to hide the brush marks and complete the finish.
  6. Rob R

    cast iron 16 horse Briggs

    WOW similarities with your build craftsmanmowerfreak is unreal..... LOL and congrats...…. no problems with my welch plug to date but think I will get a little epoxy on it....p.s. did you ever finish the front rims?
  7. Scott, deepest sympathy at your loss, live in Southeast Brewster, NY 1/2 mile from Karl, anything you need just ask.
  8. Rob R

    Tube repair question

    I personally like to put the repaired area between two blocks of wood and vice for a couple of hours or overnight..... but you really shouldn't have to......
  9. Rob R

    cast iron 16 horse Briggs

    The other thing I did which may be helpful to you and worked out great is replace the gas tank with a plastic one since the original was to far gone, also the small vacuum fuel pump (simply blocked off the existing vacuum line) .... I intended to install a later model B&S later but tried to eliminate it first what I did is install a very small elbow fitting at the tank which raised the overall gas gravity feed by at least an inch and added an old style bowl filter right next to the carb..... works so well I have never touched it since and I have a LOT of hills at my house.....
  10. Rob R

    cast iron 16 horse Briggs

    Like craftsmanmower I have B&S 15HP Thumper on my Suburban SS15 great, great engine was in the woods covered for a number of years took me a while to get it going.... I had all kinds of spark issues and could not get a good spark with it until I found a NOS original coil (non electronic) put that puppy on and she mated with the existing flywheel & 50 year old magnets and the spark was super.... then came the carburetor you are correct these engines have the LARGE flow jet Carbs the mile long fuel atomizer rod which if you can get out make sure you say a special prayer to your favorite saint.. mine would NOT so I carefully drilled it out without damaging the seat replaced the rod, cleaned the rest of it thoroughly ….. that was five yrs ago and to this day is the best starting and running tractor I have loves to take my abuse and the sound the engine makes is the closest to a John popper I know.... attaching some befores and afters.
  11. Rob R

    need some input

    Was wondering if anyone ever put a 110-115 plug-in starter onto a tractor would seem to make sense to me for a tractor in some cases especially if all it was ever used for was plowing or blowing snow..... just saying.... on many of those engines you have a pull start back-up anyway and once the engine is warm.... no issue using this.....
  12. In the New York, Putnam county area Boces has some great basic engine courses for minimal cost and they will get you going but in the end you really need to jut get the courage to dive into all aspects of engine repair up to and including rebuild. I had a friend who simply put out a sign wanted old not wanted small engines.... in a matter of weeks he had like 10 mowers and tractors. Started tinkering and taking them apart fast forward to today and he is a respected small engine repair guy...… just saying...…
  13. Rob R

    Sears Bankruptcy

    I still have my original Sears tool box full or great hand tools from when I was 13 yrs old, back then when you bought a tool box you could send away for a free engraved name and address tag which I did; 60 years later it is still on the tool box with the house street address in Hempstead, New York where I was born and raised...…
  14. Rob R

    Need New Tires

    Looking at the pics the REAR tires with new tubes would last another 10 years, the fronts need to be replaced..... in my humble opinion.
  15. Eric, if you look closely at I think the 2nd pic you will see I devised a bolt and welded nut with a locking nut so which I can tighten if needed this is one of the key reasons I used the 2 inch channel so that I could make this work easily. I have a pretty good stock of belts and used one that fit within the parameters of the aforementioned nut ….. one of the great things is that so far I have used it quite a bit (with all the storms we have had) with zero issues and have never needed to tighten the belt once set-up....