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  1. gwest_ca

    Kwikway Loader Belt Size

    Found a list of tractor models in the manual and the belt is 5/8" x 32" or a B29. Click on the picture Single stage long frame snowthrowers use a 5/8" x 69" belt so the pto pulleys must accommodate 1/2" and 5/8" belts. Mower decks use a 1/2" wide belt. Garry
  2. gwest_ca

    what year and model is this wheel horse

    RMR-3261 is the mower deck model - 32" in 1961 Click on the picture Garry
  3. gwest_ca

    Woodford key

    If this is a greasable spindle you can eliminate the Woodruff key. Click on the picture and download the 2 page bulletin from there. Garry
  4. gwest_ca


    1976 used a model 648 Peerless transmission. Click on the pictures 1977 they used a model 662 Service manual for 600-Series Garry
  5. gwest_ca

    My first horse! C-100

    Welcome to the forum https://www.wheelhorseforum.com/search/?&q=1-0391"&type=downloads_file&search_and_or=or Garry
  6. gwest_ca

    Picked up a C-161 Twin Auto. Got troubleshooting questions.

    If this is your engine number 401417-0130-01 here is a parts list. Item 121 requires date code to identify the correct carb kit https://www.partstree.com/parts/briggs-and-stratton/engines-400000-xxxx-xx-to-49z999-xxxx-xx/401417-0130-99-briggs-stratton-horizontal-engine/carburetor-assy-manifold-a-c/ This one is no longer available from B&S Briggs and Stratton 393301 Carburetor Overhaul Kit Used Before Code Date 79031900 Still available from B&S Briggs and Stratton 694056 (replaces 394502) Carburetor Overhaul Kit or Stens https://www.bantasaw.com/catalog/viewproduct.asp?i=&p=1692 This one identified by 3-screw fuel pump. Garry
  7. gwest_ca

    Onan p220 charging problem

    Do this with the engine not running. See if you have battery voltage at the regulator DC terminal. If not try with the key turned to the run position. If still no power the regulator charge current has no way to get to the battery. That needs to be repaired. Regulators need to be turned on by battery voltage before they can regulate the charge current. Garry
  8. gwest_ca

    Picked up a C-161 Twin Auto. Got troubleshooting questions.

    In stead of testing the small solenoid terminal place the probe on the metal base of the solenoid and try starting. If you have power at the base the solenoid in not grounded. If you don't have power there the solenoid is suspect. The ignition is magneto type so don't look for power there. It is self powered. Garry
  9. 1/2" diameter round bar 11" long. 1/8" hole drilled 7/32" from the end of the bar for a cotter pin. This cotter pin holds the assembly in the snowthrower frame. 1/4" x 1-1/2" x 9-1/4" flat bar for idler pulleys. 1/2" round hole in center of bar for round rod. This hole just locates the rod for assembly. This is the first weld done on the back side only because the belt may contact a weld on the outside. Two 3/8-16 drilled and tapped holes in the center of the bar and 8" apart for idler pulleys. 4" center to center each way from rod center. 1/4" x 1-1/4" x 6" flat bar for the spring. 1/2" hole drilled on center and 5/8" from one end. The round bar goes through this hole. The 3/16" hole for the spring is located 5/8" from the other end and centered 1/4" from the front edge of the bar. This flat bar has two bends in it to give it an offset of 5/8" center to center. One is 1-1/4" from the end with the 1/2" hole and the next is in the opposite direction 3-1/4" from the end with the 1/2" hole. This offset moves the spring end out from the snowthrower frame and more under the idler pulleys. No reason why you could not use 1/4" x 1-1/2" flat bar for this part also to simplify it. And it does not need the offset bends. Just weld to the round bar in a different location and use flat washers on the round bar to give the 5/8" offset. The washers would also allow the assembly to be better aligned with the pulleys on the tractor and snowthrower if required. Clamp the round bar horizontally to a bench with the flat bars hanging over the edge. Clamp it so the long idler bar already welded on is vertical (6 and 12 o'clock). The spring bar is welded on at 3 hours 30 minutes. That is 15 degrees down from horizontal and to the right when looking at the end of the assembly. The hole for the spring is closest to the top edge of the flat bar in this position or at about 3 o'clock. There is 2-1/2" between the flat bars if you make an offset spring bar. (Flat bars 2-3/4" center to center.) If you go with a straight spring bar and flat washers the space between the bars is 1-7/8". (Flat bars 2-1/8" center to center) The spring bar is only welded on one side also and the welds face each other. That way the washers or snowthrower frame have a flat surface to register against. With the assembly still clamped to the bench with the idler pulley flat bar at 6 and 12 o'clock and the spring hole at about 3 o'clock the flat idler pulley goes in the top hole. What have I missed? Garry Adding There is a 2-7/8" x 1-3/16" L bracket made from 1/16" x 1-1/6" flat bar that is bolted to the outside of the v-idler with the same bolt to keep the belt in the pulley. The center of the 3/8" mounting hole is 7/16" from the end of the bracket. Any size of flat bar would work. The pulley mounting bolts extend through the flat bar enough to accept Nylock nuts on the back side to lock the bolts in position. After all that the illustration looks like the pivot rod is not centered between the idler pulleys. My part number and yours are the same. The illustrations always amaze me for their accuracy but wonder why the difference?
  10. gwest_ca

    Hello from NW Arkansas

    See the green Mackissic shredder is also set up for this tractor. Garry
  11. gwest_ca

    Drive Belt 308-8 WH

    Make sure you need a 6-sided belt for a deck with no flat idler pulleys. There is a 4-sided version that uses some flat idlers. Click on the pictures and download from the page that comes up. Garry
  12. You would have to compare the deck mounting and lift system used on your tractor to the models that came without a deck. Models 32-08B402, 32-11B403, 32-12B501 and 32-12BE01 used the following optional decks and their mounting and lift should all be the same. Find the parts list for just one of them to compare it to yours.. 36" rear discharge deck. Click on the picture 37" side discharge Garry
  13. Have not forgotten. Just have not had a chance to get to where the unit is stored. Should be able to get there tonight (Thursday). Garry
  14. gwest_ca

    hmmm is this what i think it is

  15. gwest_ca

    Commando 8 VS Commando V8

    The early tractors are short frame models with 41-1/4" wheelbase. The medium frame models like you have has a 43-1/2" wheelbase. The long frame tractors like the C-Series and 300 and 400-Series have a 45-1/2" wheelbase. Your tractor requires a long frame blade although some models will fit both long and short frame tractors. Dozer DNA of long tractor frame dozer blades 1966-1967 model BD-426 - Fits LONG frame tractors - Mounts ahead of the rear axle - replaced by 1968 model 6-1111 - Fits LONG frame tractors - Mounts ahead of the rear axle ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1968 model 6-4111 - First to fit LONG & SHORT frame tractors and first to mount under the rear axle - replaced by 1969 model [6-4112 & 6-9621] 1970-73 model [6-4113 & 6-9622] 1973-74 model [6-4113 & 6-9623] 1974 model [6-4114 & 6-9624] 1974 model 6-2131 1975 model 6-2132 1976 model 6-2133 1976 model 66-42BC01 1977 model 76-42BC01 1978 model 86-42BC01 1979 model 96-42BC01 1980 model 06-42BC01 1981-1984 model 06-42BC02 (Up to here they are 42" wide) 1984-1989 model 06-48BC01 (They are now 48" wide) 1990 model 06-48BC02 1991-1993 model 06-48BC03 1993-2001 model 79350 2002 2004-2009 2012 model 79364 Garry