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  1. gwest_ca

    6” x short air filter?

    Click on the picture for dimensions. Garry
  2. gwest_ca

    314-8 Safety switch?

    Operator manual. Click on the fuzzy pictures below and download from the page that comes up. That page is the only place we can add info if necessary. The illustrated parts list may help if the switches have a good description. Have noticed these later parts lists have the switches through out the manual - not on one page like they used to be. I often go to this site for these later models and manuals. https://www.partstree.com/parts/ Do a search for your 73449 model number and open the one for 2000. There is a box at the top of the next page. Type in switch and they will all come up. Adding When all the switches come up click on the "More Details" of each one to see the page title. Garry
  3. gwest_ca

    314-8 Safety switch?

    These diagrams should help. Thinking the "Run Forward" drawing is the culprit. The switch may be around the shifter. Garry
  4. gwest_ca

    2 horses down

    Any chance water in the oil has turned to ice? Garry
  5. gwest_ca

    Snowblade question 06-42BK01 vs 96-42BC01

    Managed to make a file out of one of the three. Suspect they are all the same from different model years. Click on the picture. Garry
  6. gwest_ca

    Snowblade question 06-42BK01 vs 96-42BC01

    Not much available for this one but did find parts lists so you can see what they look like. https://www.partstree.com/parts/toro/accessories/06-42bk01-toro-42-snow-blade-1988/ What we have in our files https://www.wheelhorseforum.com/search/?&q="06-42bk01"&type=downloads_file&search_and_or=or Garry
  7. gwest_ca

    Snowblade question 06-42BK01 vs 96-42BC01

    First 2 digits on this last one are 86-42BC01. Once you know what they are you can see them. Don't rub too hard. The 86- was printed on the plate so easily worn off. Garry
  8. gwest_ca

    Snowblower Shoot Cable Replacement Procedure

    Operator manual. Starting with the 1975 models like this one the cable wrapped on a spool on the chute crank. Earlier models had no spool and the cable went through the crank shaft. Click on picture. No spool Garry
  9. gwest_ca

    520h won’t turn over with keyswitch

    If the 500+ pages scares you Garry
  10. gwest_ca

    1963 double gang wheel horse disc price?

    Not in a September 1962 price list for the 1963 product because it was not available until October. It is in a January 1964 price list for the 1964 product. Garry
  11. gwest_ca

    Front wheel weights

    Looks like a front and rear set but the info available lists the 8-1152 as a rear set and see no other model for the fronts. Model number 8-1152 Set of 8" wheel weights 1970-1975 - Fits rear wheels on tractor models 1-4751 Commando V7,1-7751 Charger V7, 1-0270 CG-7R, 1-0275 CG-7, 1-0276 8hp 4-speed, 1-0280 A-800 Ranger (ES) and 1-0285 A-800 Ranger (RS) Garry
  12. gwest_ca

    WH hydro

    Page 7 Garry
  13. gwest_ca

    Wheel Horse Rare and or odd Motors!

    The early Senior models in the 1950's used Wisconsin engines and after Robin was added to the name one landed on the 512-D in 1986 sipping diesel fuel. A member in Finland has one that appears to be a 1987 model by serial number but no info to back that up. Garry
  14. gwest_ca

    mower deck swap

    Here is a deck sold in 1965 for the 875. Click on the pictures There are others that will fit as listed in the Attachment list for the 875. Garry
  15. gwest_ca

    C-125 Fluids

    14 pages of info on the 1982 C-125 8-Speed model 01-12K803. Kohler serial 12061782 was made in 1982. https://www.wheelhorseforum.com/search/?&q="01-12k803"&type=downloads_file&search_and_or=or Garry