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  1. gwest_ca

    1975 C-160 PTO Safety Switch/Issue!

    It appears 1975 was the year they started to use the multi-wire switch and likely late in the model year. The ball switch 101845 is also in the parts list and will guess this is how the PO ended up with one.
  2. gwest_ca


    I think it is a #53 which is 1 candle power or #57 which is 2 candle power. Just can't remember which. Garry
  3. gwest_ca

    Switch Pto Safety 1972-1975.pdf

    Version 1.0.0


    Power Take Off switch from 1975 C-160 Automatic operator manual 101845 Ball switch NO=Normally open Used on 1975 early C-160-Series (Late models use 104680 push button switch)


  4. gwest_ca


    Tractor drive belt - click on picture Looks like the Sundstrand and Eaton hydros use different belts. Sundstrand have the filter on the right side and the Eaton on the rear. Garry
  5. gwest_ca


    The belts have been added to this page. Click on the picture. Not necessarily the deck model you have but the belts will be the same. Your model of tractor was produced 1980-1984. Garry
  6. gwest_ca

    1975 C-160 PTO Safety Switch/Issue!

    I believe your pto switch is 104680. Click on the picture and again on the pictures that come up next. There is also a picture of the wire connector. All are labeled. Will see what I can find on the pto lever. Garry
  7. gwest_ca

    Help please with trailer vacuum

    Is it like this one? Click on the picture Garry
  8. gwest_ca


    If you look farther down the list of parts you should see some item numbers in the illustration are repeated. Most parts lists are shared with similar models so the parts for both are listed but the online lists fail to show what model uses what. Look at the engine page to see what motors were used in that particular parts list to give an idea of the tractor models involved. An original parts list has the parts and models identified. Garry
  9. gwest_ca

    Kwikway Loader Belt Size

    Found a list of tractor models in the manual and the belt is 5/8" x 32" or a B29. Click on the picture Single stage long frame snowthrowers use a 5/8" x 69" belt so the pto pulleys must accommodate 1/2" and 5/8" belts. Mower decks use a 1/2" wide belt. Garry
  10. gwest_ca

    what year and model is this wheel horse

    RMR-3261 is the mower deck model - 32" in 1961 Click on the picture Garry
  11. gwest_ca

    Woodford key

    If this is a greasable spindle you can eliminate the Woodruff key. Click on the picture and download the 2 page bulletin from there. Garry
  12. gwest_ca


    1976 used a model 648 Peerless transmission. Click on the pictures 1977 they used a model 662 Service manual for 600-Series Garry
  13. gwest_ca

    My first horse! C-100

    Welcome to the forum https://www.wheelhorseforum.com/search/?&q=1-0391"&type=downloads_file&search_and_or=or Garry
  14. gwest_ca

    Picked up a C-161 Twin Auto. Got troubleshooting questions.

    If this is your engine number 401417-0130-01 here is a parts list. Item 121 requires date code to identify the correct carb kit https://www.partstree.com/parts/briggs-and-stratton/engines-400000-xxxx-xx-to-49z999-xxxx-xx/401417-0130-99-briggs-stratton-horizontal-engine/carburetor-assy-manifold-a-c/ This one is no longer available from B&S Briggs and Stratton 393301 Carburetor Overhaul Kit Used Before Code Date 79031900 Still available from B&S Briggs and Stratton 694056 (replaces 394502) Carburetor Overhaul Kit or Stens https://www.bantasaw.com/catalog/viewproduct.asp?i=&p=1692 This one identified by 3-screw fuel pump. Garry
  15. gwest_ca

    Onan p220 charging problem

    Do this with the engine not running. See if you have battery voltage at the regulator DC terminal. If not try with the key turned to the run position. If still no power the regulator charge current has no way to get to the battery. That needs to be repaired. Regulators need to be turned on by battery voltage before they can regulate the charge current. Garry