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  1. TravelinJavelin

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    the original bull gear for this tranny i think 1.5" wide vs 2"
  2. TravelinJavelin

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    well the nuts and bolts are too big it would be the same prob
  3. TravelinJavelin

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    yeah i couldn't even use those bolts they were too big for my differential so i had to use the old ones
  4. TravelinJavelin

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    ok after cleaning things up here i finally got the newer shift rails in and detent balls and spring and pin what a difference........now if anyone has ever watched steveasaurus 's video on putting the detent balls and the last shift rail in place ...he makes it look easy, it took me a good hour plus and finding the right tool to set the ball and setting in the rail but also had to switch ends on the spring and finally i got it ....had actually talked to steve on some tips today and had a great conversation and what a great asset he is to the red square forum now after i got things situated with the gears and all that stuff then took aprt the differential that was in mine and put in the other 4 pinions and got the sequenc of that done then comenced to put through the case and got it lined up and started turning stuff then noticed a binding well come to find out the heads of the bolts are to thick really so where it necks up on the shaft , now this the i think its called the 11/44 tooth gear the heads from the bull gear are just catching on the lip of the neck so i was wondering do they make a bolt like this with a thinner head?
  5. TravelinJavelin

    Predator 22HP Engine Swap. Who has done one???

    man i like the looks of these predator engines in these tractors we just need to see one with a set of fish tail pipes ......wonder if there is enough room on a 953 lol?
  6. TravelinJavelin

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    well finally i got some time too to dig into this took the gears out today and the culprit is a combination of things ........the spring that holds the detent balls was broken the pin wasn't even close to what it was suppose to be then looked at one shift rail and was shaved down hard in the notches or i think anyways so there was alot of things going against this so thanks to ebin were going to correct now so here is some pics some are crappy i admit due to i think i had some gear oil on the lense when taking pics
  7. TravelinJavelin

    WTB shift rails and 4 pinions

    all set got my parts thanks for looking
  8. that tranny if its a 1974 it should be a 5091 model which the 1 1/8th axles so this should be golden for sure!
  9. how much for the bottom plow?
  10. TravelinJavelin

    Saving a k361. Thoughts ??

    i believe those were only made from 1977 to 80 only specked one out on a 2418 economy tractor
  11. TravelinJavelin

    New to me 953

    congrats on that 953 looks really nice now go find a K241s and you will be all set......i've seen 12hp put in them too .....can't wait to see it done up welcome to the 953 club!
  12. here's the famous Maine line " you caaaan't get there''ahh from heeere'ah lol!
  13. well steve i do have the accent sometimes it shows in different places lived here all my life but i was a elvis vocalist for or have been since 8 yrs old i had won a trip to graceland back in 2002 a dream that was fullfilled of mine at the time but as far as the show in maine ...never heard of it but yeah when i 'm watching your vids i do get a kick out of your accent as well i don't know if you know it or not but you have a famous line where your taking a gear out and not cooperating well and then you say " C'mon sweetheart " i crack up and say to myself well you got to talk to the gears to makee'm do what u want lol
  14. TravelinJavelin

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    beautiful .....thats awesome thank you!
  15. thanks steve now if i can putthis tranny together like i can play i might stand a chance lol