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    Tinkering in my shop with special emphasis on metal fabrication and welding. I also do minor lawn equipment service and repair for friends and neighbors. When not in the shop I am spending time with my wife and family, mostly seeking time with the grandkids!

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  1. Row Cropper

    Wanted: 48" Mower Deck for 1998 520H

    Are you still looking for a 48" deck?
  2. Row Cropper

    Wanted: 48" Mower Deck for 1998 520H

    I have two very good solid 48" decks. North of Dayton, OH. In case you don't find what you are looking for. These are not rusted through, cleaned and lubed ready for the season!
  3. Row Cropper

    520 H

    I have a 520-h for sale with a 48" deck. Has less than 700 hrs, the deck is not rusted through, has good spindles, and the deck has been cleaned to bare metal underneath and coated with graphite paint. Everything works! Problem - it is in Ohio!
  4. I am interested in becoming a Lifetime supporter, but cannot find the details on making that happen.  Please educate me on this.

  5. Row Cropper

    Is this thing bent? 48" deck issue..

    Oh yeh, it is bent. Should be straight. Just straighten it out and you will be good to go after you put that pulley back on!
  6. Row Cropper

    48" deck

    Changed Status to Closed Guess I priced it too cheap! Sold it in 24 hrs.!
  7. Row Cropper

    48" attach o matic deck

    Hey Rich, if you are good to go you need to change the status of this listing.
  8. Row Cropper

    New Deck

    Hi WHwest, If you are looking for a 48" deck, I just listed one in the classifieds, not too far from you. Take a look.
  9. Row Cropper

    48" deck

    Very good condition 48" Wheel Horse mower deck. Freshly serviced, repaired & renovated ready for use. Underside of the deck was cleaned to bright metal then coated with 2 coats of "Easy Slide" graphite paint to protect the metal and reduce grass sticking. Blades are sharpened, all gauge wheel axles greased, spindles greased. One patch was needed near the discharge chute (see photos of top-side patch and bottom-side patch. Top side was painted to cover bare spots where paint was missing and to Match the patch to the rest of the deck. This paint job is not a show paint job, but one to preserve the metal after all rust was removed. Overall this deck is very solid and should give many more years of service if cared for properly! The price will go up in the spring, so don't wait, these decks are getting harder to find as time goes by! Mule drive is included. If interested, PM me for complete album of photos.
  10. Row Cropper

    48" attach o matic deck

    Hey Rich, If you want to make a trip to Ohio, I have a nice solid 48" deck that I am going over right now to make it operational again. Will be in good working order when I am finished with it! Charlie
  11. Row Cropper


    I don't know the year, but it will work on any model that has the Mule drive out front. It is one that does not have the 1/2 diameter rod welded around the perimeter of the deck for reinforcement. It has both belt guards in good shape, needs paint. PM me for photos!
  12. Row Cropper


    48" Side discharge deck ready for use. Very solid deck with no rust through, straight, all wheels in place and operational, blades sharpened, underside has been cleaned competely to bare metal and coated with two coats of graphite paint. Spindles are quiet and take grease. Used it today and it cuts great and even! Photos to follow ASAP! Sold! Must have priced it too cheap!
  13. Row Cropper

    WTB in OH Before Spring - Spreader, Aerator, and Cart

    I'm in Miami county, north of Dayton. I have a real nice, heavier than most lawn trailer for $200 Charlie
  14. Row Cropper

    Wheel Horse 312-8

    Your buddy Bill doesn't answer his phone. Is there a deck with this tractor? Thanks, Charlie
  15. Row Cropper

    moldboard plow

    Russell, I see you are in Ohio! So am I and I have a restored Brinly plow if you are still looking for a moldboard plow. It is listed on Dayton/Springfield Craigslist for $200. Let me know if you are interested! Charlie