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  1. pumper.atv

    2015 LeSueur Pioneer Power Show

    I'm loaded be there in the morning
  2. pumper.atv

    2015 LeSueur Pioneer Power Show

    trailer is getting full plus that one needs tie rods and has a lot of work to do (mow lawn) so it doesn't play
  3. pumper.atv

    Electro 12 wants to Chevy

    Main mowing tractor decided to drop a tie rod today guess that means time to make some new ones lol
  4. pumper.atv

    2015 LeSueur Pioneer Power Show

    Is it ok if I bring these two
  5. pumper.atv

    2015 LeSueur Pioneer Power Show

    Been going to show for years but this is the first time I will be bringing stuff plan to bring a couple wheelhorses and a couple full size john deeres but don't know what I need to do any help would be appreciated
  6. Whos going to the swap meet in le seuer mn this year we will be vending on friday
  7. does anyone have expirience with these sleds because i was looking at a couple for sale and what was wondering what to look for? thanks
  8. pumper.atv


    How about 1 dual?
  9. pumper.atv

    mower decks refresh

    got my decals from terry today (awesome job) will finish sandblasting and painting this weekend (hopefully )
  10. pumper.atv

    mower decks refresh

    i got it at Fleet Farm We have used it in grain wagons and it does wear over time but we will see how long it lasts on the decks
  11. pumper.atv


    i posted 8 speeds a shifting
  12. pumper.atv

    mower decks refresh

    Also painted the decks with valspar IH red And coated the undersides with teflon paint designed for gravity wagons Will see how well it works and for how long have to finish sandblasting and painting a few parts then i can assemble them and await decals from terry :thumbs:
  13. pumper.atv

    mower decks refresh

    Got both decks sandblasted And welded up some cracks
  14. pumper.atv

    Spark plugs

    i run champions in all our kohlers (10)
  15. pumper.atv

    Picked up a few Wheel Horses and have Q's!

    i believe the decal with checkered flags was for the 500 special or one of those nice pair saved from possibly going to scrap