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  1. After I replaced the plugged fuel fitting on the tank, it seems to be running OK, however when you shut if off from full RPM, sometimes it will have one loud backfire thru the exhaust. Not sure what that's all about, but it doesn't do it when shut off from idle.. Raked leaves last weekend with the sweeper, and it ran good. Now we have snow on the ground YEAH. Need to get plow tractor out, so this one may be parked until next spring
  2. I think l would retorque the removed bolt, then do the others just for GP
  3. Gas cap didn't help, rebuilt carb and fuel pump, that didn't help. Finally found the screen on the gas tank shutoff valve was plugged. replaced this with a valve without the screen, and then added an inline filter just past the valve. Finally had some decent weekend weather yesterday, and ran the tractor, it ran fine.
  4. edgro


    Have seen the same thing here in Michigan, first time ever
  5. Now that makes sense, sometime this year I put a different gas cap on it because the old one wasn't screwing down all the way. Go figure. Will change cap and mow this weekend and see what happens Thanks
  6. I finally got the coil changed, and this made no difference. I'm thinking fuel problem, because now I noted when it dies out, if you wait a few minutes, it will restart and sputter and I made it back to the garage like this, dying out every 50 feet or so
  7. Thanks for all input, hope to have time to work on it this week. Coil is cheap enough I'm most likely going to replace it due to old age
  8. I have a 16hp briggs from a workhorse 1600 in my 414-8. mowed good all last year. This year it runs fine for about an hour,then sputters or misses, and yesterday mowing it actually died and would not restart right away. after sitting for a few hours, it started, still missing, but enough to drive back to the garage. So far I have changed the spark plugs with no difference. Any suggestions or similar problems that may be helpful to fix this? Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. You could also use red locktite on the set screw rather than a lock nut
  10. edgro

    Jazzed up WH Black Hood

    Is that a mustang emblem on the hood? I like it!
  11. edgro

    what a picture

    That's the one that was previously listed as a "John Deere 400". At least it has some of it's dignity back now. Maybe someone went to look at it and wised up the seller
  12. edgro

    Belated introduction

    Second that
  13. That was kinda what I was thinking also. Don't seem to be too much wheel horse action here, the same 10 different tractors have been posted for sale for the last 6 months it seems like
  14. There are things for sale on local CL that may be of interest to others on this forum, I do not have room or collect. Can these be posted, and if so where?
  15. edgro

    Regretted Projects

    after wrecking the trans on the sand rail, i decided to pull the rough running engine apart, found one cylinder had nothing in it. I don't remember if there was any rod there, but no sign whatsoever of a piston. pretty much decided the fun was over then, and got rid of it all