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  1. Here are the pics. Basically built from scrap pulleys, a piece of rod, and some bits of flat bar. Nothing is welded (but could be), I used bolts or roll pins. The cable is the thinnest aircraft cable I could find with crimps on the ends to hold it. Cleat
  2. cleat

    2 stage spring

    There is a little flat bar on each end to keep the spring from popping off.
  3. cleat

    2 stage spring

    Definitely want that one. The one on the lift rod itself is for the manual lift. Lets the blower float, reduces strain, and also the blower lifts very crooked without it as most of the weight is on the right hand side. Cleat
  4. cleat


    You may need a 1/2 link as well to get the exact right length. I needed one for the chain I just replaced on a tall chute single stage that I sold. Cleat
  5. cleat

    Hydro trans fluid?

    Wheel Horse does not mention this anywhere. I only found out after looking for a vent. I knew there had to be one somewhere and it was actually by accident that I pulled a dipstick and a light went on after I blew through one that was clear to begin with. Cleat
  6. cleat

    Hydro trans fluid?

    Assuming all gaskets and seals are good then the actual vent is the dipstick itself at the end of the dipstick handle. I have washed all of mine and water never got in. Note: If you have a trans that builds pressure then leaks oil out of seals then this vent may be plugged. I checked all of mine and at least 2 were plugged. Cleat
  7. cleat

    Hoop on PTO 520h

    I recently picked up a 1984 Work Horse GT-1600 with the swing clevis. Of course that meant I needed to see if that would fit the 520. Hoop is slightly different so 520 hoop had to be retained. Here are the two hoops. I then disassembled the hoops then re-installed the 520 hoop with no clevis and installed swing clevis to PTO clutch using the 1/4" hitch pin and scribed the hoop where the roll pin needs to go (basically fully re-assembled without the roll pin). Then a 5/32 hole was drilled on scribe line on hoop. This is what the hoop looks like now. Then clevis was installed using a 5/32 roll pin. Hoop was re-installed into 520 and this is how it looks now. Clevis swung open. Clevis closed up with 1/4" hitch pin installed. So yes, an early swing clevis can indeed be installed on a 520 hoop. I installed the newer clevis from the 520 onto the GT-1600 hoop by following the same procedure and it works as well. Now I need to paint everything up nice and it is done. Cleat
  8. cleat

    snow blower skids.

    Did you happen to have plans drawn up ? I wonder if that would fit the 2 stage as well (part number for the skids are different).
  9. cleat

    snow blower skids.

    Did you make that up or buy it as a kit. It looks very well made. Cleat
  10. My 1988 520HC uses 10W30 motor oil. You can use synthetic and it may speed up the time required for the lift to work from cold start-up. Cleat
  11. With the hydro trans. You use this to access the hydro linkage.
  12. When I make new pins, I drill a hole for a cotter key. Not really needed, just for safety. Hate to lose control at full mowing speed. Here are the plans I use. Front axle pin plans.pdf Here is the completed pin. Cleat
  13. Looking good. A lot of wear on the ends of the pin is likely because the tab on the pin broke off allowing the pivot to tale place on the ends VS in the axle where it should. Cleat
  14. cleat

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BuckRancher

    Happy Birthday.
  15. cleat

    Happy Birthday Slammer!

    Happy Birthday.