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  1. cleat

    Onan P220 for my 520H

    Sorry for the delay in reply. Nothing electrical in the carb so I can't help you there. The condenser mounts beside the carb and would have power on it when you did this, maybe it is bad. You did connect to the yellow + wire on the coil I hope. You can try this to troubleshoot the ignition system. Troubleshooting the electronic ignition module for P Series.pdf Cleat
  2. Can we get a pic or two of the PTO heim joint setup ?
  3. cleat

    520-H No fire

    You could use a volt meter, just roll engine over by hand and watch for voltage to go from 12 to 0 to 12 etc as you turn it. Starter will likely roll it too quick to see, especially if you use a digital meter.
  4. cleat

    520-H No fire

    Part number is 166-0785 or 71-6380. Expensive part, you should verify proper operation first. Try this test. Troubleshooting the electronic ignition module for P Series.pdf Cleat
  5. cleat

    520-H No fire

    Must me the module located behind the flywheel. I have only had one of these fail but it does happen. Did you overtighten the terminal screw ? Mine has worked great. Cleat
  6. cleat

    Onan p220 charging problem

    Tach needs an AC signal, usually that comes from the negative terminal on the coil but I guess Wheel horse decided to get it from another source. All of my tach's indicate quite accurately so it does work.
  7. cleat

    Onan p220 charging problem

    What I have done with all of mine is run a wire directly from the center DC out terminal on the regulator down to the battery cable on the starter solenoid with an inline fuse of 30A just before the solenoid connection. This removes the charge current from the trouble prone 9 pin connector from the engine to tractor. Also make sure the connectors are clean and tight, any bad connection can produce a lot of heat.
  8. cleat

    Onan p220 charging problem

    The two white wires from the AC charge coil (alternator) go to the two outside terminals on the regulator. The center is DC out and should maintain around 14 volts at any RPM above idle. The tach wire is connected to the AC connection on the regulator closest to the battery and is usually a grey wire (although your appears black). Cleat
  9. Parts for my Ford LGT were ridiculous if you could even find them. Parts were also hard to find for my Simplicity. And that was years ago. Yes some parts are pricey, Partstree is a little better but it seems the really ridiculous priced parts tend to be available used (like seat springs, sorry). A good part of the reason I choose to restore Wheel Horse tractors is the availability of parts both new and used. Cleat
  10. cleat

    520-H No fire

    Not the best picture but all I have on the computer right now. New coil gets clamped into the supplied bracket then the bracket and coil get bolted down using the shorter screws provided with the kit. You just rotate it around until 2 holes line up, I think one of them will be under the long tab sticking out of the bracket. Coil will sit higher than it used to but it will still clear everything. I can get better pics tomorrow if required. Cleat
  11. We get the double joy up here in Canada with high part prices plus high shipping prices. Good deals do pop up now and again and sometimes I get lucky and win them. I sell some stuff on Kijiji which I believe is owned by ebay. No fees but really is designed for local sales that do not require any shipping or pre-payment, just cash on pickup. Cleat
  12. cleat

    520-H No fire

    Never seen one with the low oil pressure switch as part of the ignition circuit. Some of them stop the hour meter with no oil pressure. I have one of those coils in operation now and it works great. Cleat
  13. cleat

    Onan P220 for my 520H

    Red wire with the fuse is the one from the regulator and connects to the battery cable at the starter solenoid. Unfused one is tractor power and also goes to the same spot. One of the wires from your auxiliary solenoid also connects there. Light blue wire in harness connects to the small connection on the auxiliary solenoid and this will make it pull in when key is in Start position. The other wire coming from the auxiliary solenoid connects to the small clip on the starter solenoid. Here is the actual wire diagram. Wheel horse 520H wire diagram.pdf Auxiliary solenoid is only used to reduce load on the ignition switch by the solenoid on the starter itself. I have actually been replacing that with a nice sealed lighting relay. Cleat
  14. cleat

    1986 312-8 pto belt coming off

    Is the center pulley on your deck straight and wobble free ? I have lots of used pulleys here that are not straight.
  15. cleat

    1986 312-8 pto belt coming off

    Do you have the cover / guard on the Mule ? This also keeps the belt on as it sits quite close to the pulleys. Cleat