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  1. cleat

    Dragged home a Work Horse

    No lights, I will need to fix that later.
  2. A Work Horse GT-1600 went up for sale this morning a few miles down the road so I went and dragged it home. Transmission is stuck in reverse (frozen I bet). Supposedly engine runs fine but I have not started it yet. It is in the Shop warming up. I paid $150.00 CDN for it. Don't know yet if that was a good deal or not. Cleat
  3. cleat

    Removing the Mule Drive

    Canadian beer makes everything better.....(Canadian Whiskey even better).
  4. cleat

    Removing the Mule Drive

    Here is a pic of the front hitch. Push in on the rod (black in this picture) then pull the handle hanging at the bottom forward. Yours looks bent and should be straight like this one. Being bent, it might be jammed and require more force to release. They get bent by jacking up the tractor under the handle and forcing it up (never jack the tractor this way, go under the front axle instead being careful of the grease fitting).
  5. cleat

    Predator Swapped C-161 is a BEAST

    Years ago I was blowing snow with the Ford LGT165 and a 2 stage blower with loaded ags, wheel weights, and chains then iit suddenly stopped. I thought something broke in the driveline but it turns out one set of chains came off. Limped it back to the shop and put the chain back on and all was good again (for that day, something broke on that machine every time I used it).
  6. cleat

    Chains vs Brains

    Those ice pics would work great out on the gravel drive. Might be a little hard on the shop floor. I think I have the cross link tool in the shop (never used it). I need to look for that tomorrow if I think of it.
  7. cleat

    My snow team for 2018

    No, it felt good. Now, after using my old Ford (Jacobsen) tractor and blower I needed a rest. Mainly because something broke every time I used it. The big tractor is nice, warm, and comfortable but it is hard on the neck looking backwards the whole time if blowing snow.
  8. cleat

    My snow team for 2018

    Well the 520HC worked flawlessly. Driveway, turn lanes, path to bird feeders, path to burn barrel, old one car garage, 2 car shop, mailbox etc all done with no complaints. Tractor and blade are now resting in the heated shop (they deserve it). Cleat
  9. I never, ever shut down an engine at full throttle. It will continue to suck in fuel as it dies and spit that out into the hot muffler. Then you can get the dreaded bang from the muffler, it can actually split the muffler. The Cub Cadet at work gets shut down by the operators at full throttle all the time and of course it backfires. It now runs quite loud. I imagine the muffler is destroyed. Cleat
  10. Well, we got 7 or 8" of snow last night so snow team is raring to go. It is still snowing but should stop soon so I will wait then try plowing first and only blow if I have to. Big tractor and blower are heavy and will sink into the ground as it has only been below freezing for a few days and ground is not frozen yet. Big tractor has loaded tires and 4x4 so it has no issues, 520HC has loaded tires and chains. Cleat
  11. All 6 of my hydro's are now foot control (the little 17-44HXL came from the factory that way) . Don't want to drive one any other way.
  12. cleat

    48" deck redo

    It should look like this. Cleat
  13. cleat

    44" 2 stage blower

    Blower looks great. All power too....
  14. cleat

    Two Stage Anti-Sway Bar

    Can you take a picture or two. Maybe you need another part.
  15. cleat

    Mid attach o magic broke

    I had one break at the weld. Just re welded it and it was good as new.