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  1. cleat

    Snow thrower conversion

    Lift flags look great. They should (and your original should) have the pins welded into place. That holds everything more rigid to reduce wear on things. Here are a couple of pics showing the orientation of the welded pins. Cleat
  2. cleat

    Model year on C-125?

    Maybe I can come out there and build it for you. I am sure it is much warmer there....
  3. cleat

    Model year on C-125?

    Take that mule off and then you can make up (or get made up) a stabilizer to hold the plow nice and straight. Takes a lot of stress off of the rear attachment points. Here are the plans I drew up. Snow blade stabilizer.pdf Here are a couple of pictures of mine. To mount the plate with the hole for the rod to pass through I just installed the stabilizer into the front attachment bracket on the tractor then pass the rod through the plate and clamp it onto the blade so the rod is as close to vertical as possible then drill the 2 holes and bolt it up. Once it is clamped you can remove the stabilizer from the front attachment bracket on the tractor, then disconnect the lift link and rear attachment bracket on the tractor so you can pull the blade forward a little to make drilling easier. Then just slide it back, re-attach everything and you are good to go.
  4. cleat

    Transmission re assembly

    I would think that would be fine. Some old transmissions with loose needle bearings you have to grease them to stay in place during assembly. The gear oil will mix with the grease and you will never know it was there. Cleat
  5. cleat

    Swivel handle or trigger

    This is how I built mine. Snow blade turn handle overview.pdf Cleat
  6. I did forget to mention that I do that as well. I don't actually have to beat the initial plowing, just the part where they wing back the shoulders. I also plow out the mailbox at the same time (other side of the road but the same idea). Cleat
  7. My big tractor has the loader on the front and a blower on the back. Backing up is a pain in the neck (literally), and is a little harder to control. I only use this tractor for really bad snow cleanup. Have not used it yet this season but winter is not over yet. Cleat
  8. Spindles are longer height wise for the 6" wheels to keep the tractor level.
  9. I have learned to do the end of the driveway sideways so I don't go on the road at all (actually just in from doing just that). Start with going out the driveway then turning as Ebinmaine said using either a blower or plow. I clear just the same basically whether blowing or plowing. I plowed today as it is not too deep at only 3 or 4 inches and wet and packy. I live on a county road that leads directly into the city so it is always busy. That is even more important for my larger diesel tractor with loader as it is so long. Cleat
  10. Well, at least you found a good use for that Coors.
  11. So long as there is a good diode installed properly inline then battery drain should not occur. My Onan's are all wired direct to the battery through an inline fuse as the regulator itself prevents battery drain. I just like to keep as much electrical load as possible off of the ignition switch. I don't really like the headlights wired through the switch either. Cleat
  12. cleat

    Voltmeter connection?

    I know what you mean, a connector that slides down on the threaded stud. These were common on Ford start solenoids at the scrapyard (likely not any more). I just bolt them on myself using crimp on ring terminals as Racinbob said (better connection anyways). Being used to the 520 with lots of gauges, I use lots of them when rebuilding a harness. Cleat
  13. cleat

    520H High RPM

    Are you sure the rotor is in the correct position and not flipped over. That may still allow spark but at the wrong time. If it worked before then it must be something that was touched during the governor job. Cleat
  14. cleat

    Rust removal

    Can you go into more detail on exactly what you did and the salt mix ? Cleat
  15. cleat

    Regulator Wiring Diagram

    Can you see any obvious issues with the original stator (like missing insulation, melted wires etc.). Glad all is well now, never heard of this issue before but I guess there is a first for everything. Cleat