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  1. i967mustang

    drain plug on Charger 12

    Thanks, I'll see if I can get under there tomorrow and find it.
  2. i967mustang

    Repowered the Charger 12

    I repowered the Charger 12 yesterday, I put a 1974 K341 16 HP engine on it. I rebuilt the engine and put it on yesterday, finished bolting everything together today and took it out to push dirt with 15 minutes run time on the engine. I ran it at half throttle and pushed as much dirt as I ever did with the 12 HP engine. This is the first time I used a 16 for a plow tractor. Guess I have to call it a Charger 16 now!!!
  3. i967mustang

    K341 block

    I have two tractors with K341 engines in them. Does anyone know why one has 11 cooling fins and the other has 13? One has the plug center of the head and the 13 fin has the plug over the exhaust valve. Is one more desirable than the other?
  4. I want to change the fluid in the rear on my Charger 12 but can't find the drain plug. Is it possible I have to remove the rear hitch to find this drain? My C160 was easy to find even with the hitch in place but not so with the Charger 12. Anyone know where it is?
  5. i967mustang

    416 Hydro rear lift

    I am trying with my brother to add a garden plow to the rear of his 416 Hydro. Can anyone point me to a picture of the original rear lift? I looked through the manual section and all I could find was manual lift listings. His is hydro drive and lift, I want to fab something up for this tractor to pull the garden plow and from what I can see there is no way to get a cable past the gas tank or hydro unit if you did get it past the gas tank. If I had some pictures of what it was supposed to have I know I could make something for it. Thanks, John
  6. i967mustang

    Help with 416-8

    Looking this up by model it could be a 93,94,or 95 serial number dates it to 95. What transmission would this have? Eaton 700 or the 1100? It has a filter that is inline, not mounted to transmission. What else would I need to ID the trans?
  7. i967mustang

    Help with 416-8

    Too dark for pictures by the time we got it back together after cleaning the gas tank and carb. But I did find the serial number and Model number, I can't find my page that had all the numbers on it though. Can someone look this up and let me know what it is? Model number is: 73421 Serial number is: 5900735. It looks good except for the hood, someone drilled holes in it and had something mounted to the hood with home made brackets. It is slow in forward but goes like a rocket in reverse. I guess there is an adjustment somewhere for that but we will go one step at a time with this because we don't need it till spring. It has a great running Onin 16 twin.
  8. i967mustang

    Best All Around WH Tractor?

    C 160 automatic with hydraulic lift. Best of all the goodies.
  9. i967mustang

    Help with 416-8

    Thanks, I pushed the motion lever all the way forward and was able to push it. When I got it inside and wiped some of the snow off it says 416 Hydrostat on the side. I don't see a serial number on it anywhere, so I think someone peeled off the sticker. It is a Onen 16 horse twin and has a filter on the left side of the rear. There is no handle to release the belt tension like on my C series tractors. Is there anyway to figure about what year this is? or do I just look up the engine numbers and figure it that way?
  10. i967mustang

    Help with 416-8

    Hi guys, I just picked up a Wheel Horse 416-8 hydro and now I need to get it off of my truck. We had a lot of guys there when we picked it up so they just lifted it up and put it in the back of the truck. I need to find the release for the hydro so I can roll it down ramps to get it off, but it is a different configuration than my C160 and I can't find the release. Can someone tell me where it is? Thanks.
  11. i967mustang

    Adding hydro lift.

    I just converted two Wheel horse tractors over to hydraulic lift, one was a C160 8 speed. I changed everything and made it a hydro. The second was a Charger 12 which was already a hydro but had a manual lift. I used what looks to be the same as what is pictured above, I cut the manual lift arm off the rock shaft and made a lift arm using the C160 as a pattern. It is much easier to use a hydraulic lift rock shaft if you can find one. when it was all done I still had to chase down the cone and spring for the front of the pump. tractors that had manual lift didn't have the cone in the front and the hydraulic lift will NoT work without it. These parts from what I was told by a sund strand dealer are obsolete now. So this will leave you looking for used ones.
  12. I do my wheel Horses the same way I do my Mustangs, The way I want them to look!!! Its my tractor, I'm the one who has to look at it all day while its working. I don't like dented up rusty stuff, so I fix the dents and repaint them. I use Base coat clear coat paint on them and am not even worried about whether or not they look original. I have a C160 with a white grille and chrome tailpipe, and I have a Charger 12 with a dirt blade that is painted BLUE. they both look good and work good, just build it the way you want. If you restore to original colors and everything perfect are you going to want to work that tractor? I wouldn't, so I build them nice and use them like they were intended to be used.
  13. i967mustang

    Got a sign!!!

    And a Mustang II Ghia along side it? awesome!!!!
  14. i967mustang

    Fluid filled tires or no?

    I always run anti freeze with tubes, never had a problem with rims rotting. Calcium is a whole other story with rotting rims, it is salt and we all know what salt does to steel.
  15. I have a 42" SD and also have the Vac system that mounts on the rear of the tractor and sucks the stuff out from under the deck and blows it into a trailer. I usually just use the vac system when there are leave in the yard. I love the way the SD pushes grass clippings and leaves, I can push the leaves across almost half of my yard before having to pick them up. RD just leaves everything right where it is when you cut it.