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  1. Chris T

    new member brennan bo

  2. Chris T

    Can’t say no to a nice horse!

    I got quite a few that will keep me busy as well. This one I might just keep the tiller on it for strictly that, or use as tiller machine and backup plow tractor
  3. Chris T

    Can’t say no to a nice horse!

    Thanks Sparky and roadapples! The hood just clears the shroud
  4. Saw this listed the other day on Craigslist by a fellow member on here and knew I had to have it...He listed this one as well as another I picked up for a friend of mine. Hands down a good guy to do business with and a great stout machine, can’t wait to put it to work!!!!
  5. Chris T

    So...Who got this deal???

    Usually a lot of times when I buy a machine or see a machine I want, I call right away plan time and day to get it. No messaging or bs back and forth. 9 times outta 10 I know what I’m getting before I get there. Definitely not a afraid to travel either. Sometimes I’ll even offer more if I know it’s that good of a deal like the 160 was. Overall the 160 isn’t a bad machine, good running 16. But as seller stated the hydro controls needed attention which they do. And AMC rules that song sure fits this thread
  6. Chris T

    So...Who got this deal???

    Yeah I got that one
  7. Chris T

    So...Who got this deal???

    So what was the tractor that was listed? Cannot see what it was, I picked up 3 machines this weekend. One of them I called on within half hour of it being listed
  8. Not sure if you would want to just replace the hood but I have a really nice hood from a 312-8 and it is the same exact year as yours. Paint is in very nice condition and the hood has no dents or imperfections. Message me if this is something you’d be interested in, I’m in CT as well
  9. Chris T

    Side Shot Saturday !!

  10. Chris T

    Front End Friday

  11. Chris T

    Good things happen in 3s right?

    Thank you! As of right now I’m going to just go through them mechanically to make them perfect then possibly down the road do a cosmetic restoration
  12. Chris T

    Good things happen in 3s right?

    Got both of the RJs fired up and cruised around the neighborhood some today! Even messed with the plow in some portions of my yard with one of them
  13. Chris T

    Good things happen in 3s right?

    I will be sure to get more pictures soon guys, going to decide on whether to restore the RJs or just run them as they are as well. The raider is a nice little worker with decent patina overall
  14. Got a lead on a couple RJs from a friend of mine that lives a couple towns over. I contacted the owner and come to find out he had two RJs and a Raider 10. The raider 10 was purchased brand new by his brother with a plow and deck. And the RJs he’s owned for about 20 years. So after hearing some background on the machines I hooked up my trailer, grabbed a wad of cash and headed over there. For those that know me, I know I don’t need another machine or 3 like a hole in my head but who says no to a couple horses? Long story short, I purchased everything he had wheel horse! The RJs came with a snow plow, bottom plow and reel mower attachment
  15. Looks awesome! Amazing the transformation