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  1. Kennedy

    What is this?

    Thanks for the replies guys.
  2. Kennedy

    What is this?

    This is a 12 hp Kohler from a C-125 blackhood. Can anyone tell me what the black round object on the engine block is, and why would it be weeping oil while the engine is running? How do I repair this? Thanks Mark .
  3. Kennedy

    Moments in US History . . .

    I have to agree with Squonk the Mickey Mouse club one was rather creepy.
  4. Kennedy

    Wildlife pics ?

    I was fortunate enough to get to go to Australia in 08 and 09 here is some of their wildlife. This guy was only about 8 feet off the ground. I could have patted him on the rear, but took a look at those claws and teeth and thought better of it. These were everywhere. Portuguese Man O' War. Some kangaroos outside our hotel. This is a PG picture, that is a baby's tail sticking out of mom's pouch. I also got to go to Tasmania on the first trip. This is a Tasmanian Devil roadkill. I am not in the habit of taking roadkill pictures. but how often do you get to see a wild Tasmanian Devil. Unfortuneately no live ones. My cousin was trying to flip it over for a better shot, but a truck was coming and this is the best we got. An echidna. The little penguin. Mark
  5. Kennedy

    Family Pets

    This is Mabel when I brought her home 2 years ago. This is her now after a hike in a snowstorm. This is my 14 year old dog,Mischief, when she was in better health a few years back. This her more recent on an early morning road trip. She is not a morning dog now.
  6. Nice collection and that is a nice long straigt away too.
  7. Kennedy

    Wildlife pics ?

    Here is a crappy video of my own. My wife and I were walking down the road near our cabin and heard a horrible screeching noise. We looked over to see this squirrel hanging by his tail that was caught in a thorn bush. After the video I did free him. A bear while hiking in the Smoky Mountains. Some Fungi. And lastly watch where you step when hiking. First one is with phone no zoom, second one camera with zoom. You have to look closely in the first picture.
  8. Kennedy

    Wooden Camping Signs

    This one is in Albany, NY http://www.albanysigns.com/?q=camp_signs This one is in Gilbertsville, PA http://www.campsigns.com/ Mark
  9. Kennedy

    Totally disgusted

    There are a couple of the Sears home kit houses in Akron, Ohio. I watched a documentary on PBS about it several years ago. Mark
  10. Kennedy

    Front loader bucket to forks

    I am not sure how the bucket attaches to the lift arms as I have never seen one in person or up close. If you are going to make your own a good place to start might be a 3 point carry-all fork attachment. It is not width adjustable however. Mark
  11. Kennedy

    Deer Hunters

    Thanks guys. I have been looking into the Thompson Center Impact. It is a basic entry level muzzle loader from what I have read, but it is break action. Sorry if I hijacked your thread Ed. Mark
  12. Kennedy

    HoHoHo Merry Christmas

    Santa I know its late and you may keep the snow, I would just like you to find a way to PLEASE freeze the ground. Thanks Mark.
  13. Kennedy

    Deer Hunters

    What type of inlines are you guys using? This year and last year Ohio added a two day, antlerless, muzzleloader in October. The regular muzzleloader season is in January. Too cold for me then. Our archery is September 27- Febuary 1. Our gun season is only one week long and always starts the Monday after Thanksgiving. Nice paper weight Ed, Im sure he will like it. Mark
  14. Kennedy

    Deer Hunters

    I am not real sure what could have killed those deer to be honest. We had a bad case of that blue tounge disease sweep through Ohio 2 years ago. DNR said it wiped out about 25% of the states herd. Here is a wikipedia on it if you are interested: The properties around me are heavily hunted could have been some bad hits too. Thats awesome that you can do your own taxidermy Ed.
  15. Kennedy

    Deer Hunters

    This is my first ever Crossbow kill. Here are 3 nice skulls I have found over the years on the place I hunt. That is a pretty interesting rack on that buck of yours ED. Mark